Zoraida Sambolin belonging to American Nationality & White Ethnicity is an example of few rare people who is gifted with both beauty and brain. Sambolin was an American news anchor correspondent to CNN news network. She hosted show named ‘Early Start’ along with Ashleigh Banfield on CNN. The graceful and attractive television journalist has done her utmost to achieve success in her life. Currently she is at the height of her career. She has earned fortune and prosperity beyond measure.

In December 2013, she was retired from CNN and has come back to host morning show in WMAQ TV, owned by NBC which is stationed at Chicago. She left the same TV Networks before she joined CNN.  On the show of CNN networks Early Start Christine Romans is replacing her.

Sambolin was born on July 10th 1965 in Chicago which is also her native land. She was named Zoraida Senoba Sambolin at her birth but later on she started to be recognized as Zoraida Sambolin. Sambolin had attended Loyola University to receive her higher education.  She possesses  a very good command is the Spanish language. During the initial phase of her career she was associated with WYCC-TV. She used to host the program ‘Small Talk for Parent’. In 1992 she began to host the program ‘Nuestro Nino’ in Spanish language on Telemundo. The program lasted till 2002 A.D. This program was launched focusing Hispanic viewers in the United State. Recognizing her contribution later she was honored with Emmy Award. In 2002 she began to serve as a news reporter for WMAO-TV, which is NBC affiliated. After a while she joined WSNC-TV, where she served as a reporter and news anchor. Since being a bilingual she successfully became the first news broadcaster in Chicago to conduct programs in both English and the Spanish language. She had also presented another Spanish Language program named Nuestra Familia. The program was created by her. The primary objective of this program was to focus on health related issues. The program explored many family health topics and helped in great deal to Latinos viewer. Zoraida really had a very significant role at WSNS and contributed to a great extent so she was upgraded in 2007. Being promoted she was assigned time slot of 4:30 A.M. She had a duty to anchor ‘News Today’ at NBC 5. This program really helped to open up new lines of research. Indeed, the program became very popular all across the United State. Zoraida also conducted another program ‘UN Buen Doctor’. In this program she interviewed many medical experts. The program was entirely hosted in the Spanish Language and  covered story of many Hispanic who were suffering from diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol. Zoraida is a very creative journalist who succeeded in creating public awareness by presenting a health related program.

It is an ironical incident in her life that she suffered from a breast cancer. Doctor identified a malignant tumor in her breast. In may 2013 she revealed that she had a breast cancer and has to undergo through double mastectomy. While having a discourse about famous Hollywood star Angelina Joli’s surgical removal of the breast, Sambolin disclosed her secret. Perhaps she did it to encourage every woman since breast cancer has been very common among women. Sambolin has always been open and above board in such sensitive issue. Soon after the news spread, a large number of her viewer sympathizes and shared her pain. She has already gone through a double mastectomy operation.  Zoraida had shared her photo with her fiancée on Facebook. As soon as she posted her photo, a large number of her well wisher and admirer kept an eye on her status. Sambolin’s decision to reveal her undergoing through mastectomy was really sufficiently valuable to appreciate. It was a bold decision.

Well, talking about her private life,  she has two children from her first marriage. As there was some conflict between couples so their relation ended up filing a divorce. However the pair decided to always remain a good friend . Perhaps the reason behind couples splited up was sambolin’s secret dating with Kenny Williams who is also a vice chairperson of the baseball team. The pretty news anchor dresses very well and shows off her bonnie legs. Like most of other high profile personality she is active in social networking sites. She has earned a large number of male fan following her.  The beautiful news anchor has turned 48 but still she has very pleasant and elegant personality.

Zoraida Sambolin was married to her first husband but unfortunately she divorced with her first husband. She has two children from her first husband. After she left her first husband she was found dating the Kenny Willams with whom Zoraida Sambolin got engaged on the Christmas eve of 2013. There are many hypothesis that Zoraida Sambolin got re-married but there are no authentic source for the new of Zoraida Sambolin married. Her fans are very much excited to know if she is married again. Her Biography, News & Information can be obtained from Wikipedia and other websites.