Born as Yvonne Jaqueline Strzechowski on July 30, 1982, the Australian beauty turned heads with her roles as Sarah Walker, the CIA Agent in television drama series Chuck and recently garnered nearly all consideration through the Showtime series Dexter as Hannah McKay. Dweller of Campbelltown, Australia to polish settlers she was raised under procedural guidance as her father Peter Strzechowski was an electronic engineer and her mother Bozena Strzechowski happens to be a lab technician. Her notable first act appearance as Viola in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night under her school production was the convincing proofs that clarified her intense passion towards acting from the early age. As she matured, the passion turned out to be her aspiration and led her to be a graduate of The University of Western Sydney earning the degree from influential Theatre Nepean.

In spite of landing Chuck as soon as she headed towards Los Angeles, Strahovski's means to the citadel weren't furnished to her on a golden spoon. She had to march through several agencies to get suitable openings to establish her career. Prior making a high jump to Hollywood, Strahovski had her ruling placement in Australian television industry with her performance in shows such as Double the Fist, Headland and Sea Patrol. After deciding to take her significant move towards shifting L.A to pursue more for her prominence as did the better way to go after the tread of her icons like Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett, she propelled her audition tape to one of the executives of the new show named as Chuck of NBC. For the period of the frantic session on Hollywood, Strahovski found out the hope of desire when she was enlisted for the role of Sarah Walker as every associative of the show was fully convinced by her audition. Even though every series was cuddled by censors and reviewers and some minor fan base, the show not at all set up conventional viewers and hooked out following five long seasons with an impressive rating. Hollywood is plagued with anecdotes of stars who come across triumph on the television world but whose callings wreck when they endeavor the bristly changeover to movies. Known as Sarah Walker on Chuck for five years, the role that endow with a Teen Choice award for Choice TV Actress — Strahovski seems to append her position to that memorable catalog when she come over with exceptional recital in movies like Guilt Trip and I, Frankenstein. Strahovski has by now given away that she can seize herself on the film industry, having the role in movies such as Killer Elite and I Love You Too and in small screens casting in Dexter and Chuck that emphasis more on her net worth of about $ 8 million garnered all by those. But for her stature, upcoming ventures will agree on for what it acquires for her to become a megastar.

Her personal bio states that she is a married woman. For the reason that there is very low profile regarding her personal details, not much information of her is conveyed by any source. It might be her stringent verdict to not disclose more about her private life through any enigmatic Twitter posts or in media line or it could be the fact that she doesn’t want her lifestyle only to be taken as granted by her fans. Nevertheless, if she would ever have been in any relationship, her enchanting charisma would make her boyfriend get completely cajole over her. She has not been spotted with any guy getting romantically driven out in public places ever. Surprisingly this gorgeous babe succeeds to live the mysterious private life in front of the outrageous media world. But the news has once flashed concerning about her dating approvals with some casual hunks from the film line including Matt Doran and Tim Loden , however the world is just unknown about the fact about her husband yet.

The marvelously striking Strahovski is fully loaded with luminous hotness measures. With the height five feet and nine inch, the elegant bombshell succeeds to take a colossal leap in the trendy industry leaving behind renowned beauties from pageants across the world. She is seen number of times in bikini wears but the best possibility to appraise her body measurement is most likely looking at her commercial where she cover her buff physique only by the layer of body paint. Not every girl could ever have the gestures of Strahovski as she has the jaw dropping persona and every boy could ever defy to come under her enviable feet either.

She has definitely came a long way in her career despite being from different nationality and that’s make her distinguished from all other actress in the industry. We wish her to have great future ahead. Adding more to her trivia, she is the auspicious animal lover. She supports and contributes lot for animal welfare. More of her information, pictures and edited scenes from her movies can be viewed from imdb or from her official fansite. Her fans can subscribe her through twitter and facebook as well.