William Levy Gutiérrez, commonly known as William Levy, is a cuba-born American actor and a stand-out former model. He is famous for his ideal part as Jennifer Lopez’s interest of love in her mega-hit music video ‘I’m Into You’. Born on 29th of August to a single mother in Cojimar, Cuba, Levy had not planned to be an actor and just tried his luck in the field of acting as he was majorly interested in being a business man. For that he did go to St. Thomas University where business administration, on the base of baseball scholarship, was his major subject. Barbara, his mother, wanted Levy to prosper and live his life without hardships thus, they went onto settle in Miami, Florida when he was just fourteen years of age. An unseen interest of becoming an actor took its toll on levy and his mother agreed to let him fly to Los Angeles and then study and practice acting. Mexico city and Miami saw Levy continue his acting studies much further on his life.

A sneek peek in his career reveals how far and hard has Levy come to become what he is today. A modeling career was the first in line as he had worked in and for Next Models agency which later went onto feature him on Telemundo’s broadcast of two major reality shows: Protagonistas de Novela 2 and Isla de la Tentación. La Nena Tiene Tumbao, a play featured on Puerto Rico at the famous festival: Centro de Bella Artes, saw Levy immerge as a star of Theatre as well. Then a Venevision International which was a producer of Olvidarte Jamas: a major hit Spanish series, made a way for Levy to make an outstanding debut on TV-networks. He has appeared in numerous soap operas of Mexican origin one of them being a critically acclaimed one Pasion which was his first-ever Mexican breakthrough. A clam attitude and a stylish appearance has Levy to get a role in his first and debut film Retazos de Vida which was the direction of Vivian Cordero, a well-known director. A Mexican show named Cuidado con el Angel which was aired in the US got him acclaims of the viewers as his acting ability flauted with the grace of Maite Perroni, a former RBD singer turned actress. His part on the 2009 show Sortilego alongside Jacqueline Bracamontes was able to make the show a success as it beat CBS and ABC in comparison of viewers that stood 6.6 million for Sortilego. Still a much awaited star for his viewers, he gave them a moment to remember when he played the role of JLo’s love interest in the much grossing video of 2011 tittled “I’m into You’.

A successful professional life leads the way to a healthy personal one and in Levy’s life, the same thing happened. Levy was active in maintaining his love life as he dated his girlfriend and later his wife, Elizabeth Gutierrez, for nearly 8 years and they are in no mood for divorce even if rumored in the media. He wants to stay married for as long as time does them apart as for his thoughts about it. The couple has a son, Christopher of age 11 and the recent entry to their family, a lovely daughter named Kailey. When someone has supporters flowing from all over a continent there are bound to be the critics of that person. Levy, like many others, was criticized as gay for playing girlish role in his soap-opera career but no one can prove that allegation to be right. Being a seeked-after model, a relative and noticeable height had Levy appear super-hot while shooting for the cover of People en Espanol, which focuses on the sexiest men, mostly models like him.

A self-proclaimed beginner of acting field, William Levy is a down-to-earth humble guy who has come a long way to achieve success and says has more to improve. He is seen active in twitter and Facebook and more information can be gained from many of his wiki on the other sites.