Since Dancing with the Stars premiered on June 1, 2005, on ABC, it has been airing both in the spring and fall but, next year is going to be an exception. The hit dance competition will not get its usual springtime run in 2019.

Why ABC Canceled DWTS Springtime Run?

In a way, the cancellation was predicted by many DWTS fans after a controversial ending of season 27. For Bobby Bones fans, his victory was beyond exciting, but for many other DWTS fans, the result came as a shocker. Swiftly, fans marched to spill their frustration on social media saying they’re “done” with the show.

DWTS host Tom Bergeron took to Twitter to notify about ABC dropping the springtime run, but has assured the delay is worth a wait. More recently, ABC revealed its new TV schedule for the spring, and that has shaken up some line-ups in a significant way, including DWTS. The loss of DWTS leaves a major void in ABC’s spring line-up, but the network seems to have a lot of plans to fill it all.