Ariana Grande’s new single, Thank U, Next, is all we can think about right now. Since its release on November 2, Arianators are eagerly looking forward to its official music video, and the-25-year-old is giving them all the reasons to get excited.

What to Expect from Thank U, Next Music Video?

Grande has been giving fans the sneakiest of peeks about her classic 2000s movies inspired music video. Recreating iconic teen movies for her project, Grande is alluding that the best way to get over a breakup is to watch a bunch of rom-com with your best friends. She first dropped a hint of recreating Mean Girls with lips imprint on her Thank U, Next cover picture, which resembles the Burn Book from the movie. Later, she confirmed the news by posting a picture with The Plastics on Twitter.

Further, she hinted on her another movie reference, Legally Blonde, sharing a picture with an orange and white laptop, similar to what Elle Woods used in the movie. Also, she shared a picture with Jennifer Coolidge, whom Grande impersonated incredibly.

She recreated the Jenna Rink short-haired look from 13 Going on 30’ and captioned the picture referencing the protagonist of the movie as, “big time magazine editor.” Slaying her all-time favorite high-ponytail looks, Grande has taken the Bring It On’s Missy-Pantone-style cheerleader look to a whole new level. She even remade the East Compton Clovers, the rival cheerleading team on Bring It On and named it ‘Lovers.’

On the post-Pete Davidson anthem, Grande takes on four classic chick-flicks, which includes 13 Going on 30, Bring It On, Legally Blonde and Mean Girls. One of the best parts in the music video has to be the appearance of pregnant Colleen Ballinger. There could be more popular faces on the videos including Kim Kardashian and Gabi DeMartino is also on the list. 

The official date of the release of the music video is yet to be announced.