Australian model and actress Ruby Rose is taking some time recovering from spinal surgery.

The Resident Evil actress worried fans after she appeared on social media in a wheelchair.

She also posted pictures with her cane on social media. 

However, she has assured her fans that everything is alright. 

She wrote, “So… for the past few years I’ve been dealing with a spine issue. I am now recovering from a back procedure, but I do need to stay active, so before I get seen with my cane and wheelchair in public, I’d rather put it out there that I’m fine and going to be fine.”

She also thanked her girlfriend, Jessica Origliasso, The Veronicas singer for taking care of her. 

And the surgery has apparently put in her an idea of a healthy lifestyle as she quit smoking.

She wrote, “On the plus side guess who had to quit smoking !!!!! YAY!!!! Im done ! I’m finally done.. that filthy, smelly, dirty, slowly killing you while you pay for it to suffocate you, is finally out of my life. I quit yesterday. And for my back ( and Mum ) I’ll never start again.”

This is not the first time fans became concerned about her health. She was spotted looking way too skinny during a red carpet last year which gave way to the rumors that she might have an eating disorder

Ruby who has been a vegan was quick to slam the rumors and came up with a reply. 

“Body shamers, I had a great work out this morning, thanks for asking, and am off to eat a vegan burger because why the F not”

While she is recovering from the surgery, she is looking for something to do in the meantime. 

“What I need to know now is when I’m not wheeling around LA like a 102 year old, what movies, shows, books and video games do you suggest… I’m buying a switch.. I’m looking at you @chrissyteigen what games should I get?”

Get Well soon, Ruby!