Wendi Nix is an American anchor and sports reporter in sexy naughty librarian glasses, she primarily handles coverage for NFL and additionally College football games from the team of New England. This lady journalist was born on September 17, 1974 in Murrells Inlet South Carolina. She stands 5’10” in height also known as “sideline hottie” and is very stylish personality holder. She prefers to wear hot outfit which displays her curves, cleavage and slender legs. She is very alert on her weight as she exercises in daily basis to keep her weight maintained and does lots of exercises for her weight loss. Her hot and steamy shots in bikini outfit are easily found all over the internet. She holds very attractive personality as she is famous among 30 sexiest women in ESPN history. Nix was married to Ben Cherington but it has been stated that they are already divorced. She faced divorce in her married life because she an affair with someone else but hasn’t seen dating anyone nor is engaged with anyone.

Very successful American anchor and sports reporter of American Nationality with towering personality was born on September 17, 1974 in Murrels Inlet,South Carolina. From her childhood age she is lady with sportsman spirit. As her father was football coach so it can be said that she was familiar with games from her birth. She completed her high school from Socastee High School in Myrtle Beach. Later on she took French and Economics in her bachelor Level. She got her master’s degree from University of Massachusetts in the year 1997.

Her career started through internship in a TV station in Boston.  She has also debuted in News media through WPDE, an affiliation of ABC in 1999 to 2001. There she got selected for covering NASCAR and additionally High School Sports. She has also served for Fox Sports Net, New England. Later in 2003 she was hired by WDH for handling anchoring of weekend Sports. Her brilliance in work was succeeded to get offer from ESPN. Her activeness in the profession has made her leap towards and helped her stood asa respected person in sportscaster for ESPN, which is popular channel for sports in 2006 and during her work she has hosted two programs, NFL live and Football live in 2010. She is still working for same network till now and is still getting paid by attractive salary. She is very dedicated worker in her work which had made ESPN to pay her high salary as a reward but her net worth hasn’t seen listed in any websites.

Wendy Nix is very fashionable sensed lady who stands five feet ten inch in height does all possible things to keep herself pretty n smart all the time. Being journalist by profession she has brilliant sense of fashion as her appearance on TV screen is always remarkable from viewer’s point of view. She a lady with glamour and excellent personnel has stunning pair of legs which makes her appearance very impressive on TV screen. She is very careful about her weight and does possible exercises to keep her body maintained and also for her weight loss. She has great passion toward gadgets which are available in market and that she can afford.

Talking about her personal life, a lady with gorgeous look and personality was married to Ben Chrington who is Vice President of player personnel but doesn’t have any kid from Ben. But her marriage couldn’t work out for longer period as she got separated from him through divorce. Such disaster came in her life because the statement which was made by her about her relation with other person behind of her successful married life.