Carson Wayne Newton is one of the best ever known entertainer from America in Las Vegas, Nevada. Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Wayne is known as puffy face person and has spent more than a decade in music line. Talking about his plastic surgery, he is more famous in surgical area, as he was supposed to have Botox but it leaded him to get disfigure his face. He is one of the richest celebrities of Hollywood music field to have net worth of $70 million and there is no doubt in her salary which he has been making from his career. According to his biography present in various sites including wiki, he is 72 years old by age belongs to white ethnicity and has height of 1.87m. Currently he is living with his wife Kathleen and a daughter Lauren in Las Vegas.

Returning back to his initial life, Wayne Newton was born on April 3, 1942 in Norfolk, Virginia. He holds American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. His birth name has believed to be Carson Wayne Newton. At his early age, he used to work as a mechanic while his mother used to stay at home to raise their two children.

His official career in music had started from his very early age of 6, by his teenage he was already performing with his older brother. For many years he continued to perform along with his brother Jerry but by 1960 he finally decided to perform solo. In 1962, the famous singer Bobby Darin accepted him under his wing and also helped him to launch his solo career. He scored great hits as “Danke Schoen” and “red Roses for a Blue Lady”. After such remarkable hits he spent several decades in music line and established himself as Las Vegas’s most popular and highest-Paid Performer.

He has a gifted talent as a musician, he teaches himself to play several instruments including Piano, Banjo and Guitar. He has also performed his own daily radio station on a local station.

After his 10 successful years in music, he had to suffer dropping off the charts. It was the time when he got huge success as an entertainer. He then continued to perform in Las Vegas and also made guest appearance on television shows. At that time he was the highest paid entertainer in entire Hollywood. His popularity hasn’t decreased even a bit at the present. As a supporter of U.S. military, he has also participated in various USO tours to entertain the troops.

For his personal life, he is well famous in surgical line, as his surgery has gone distinctly wrong and has made his original face in to disfigured state. He used to look great before he had the surgery but now his face is not at the level of horrible but looks quite different than his real face. Although he doesn’t look same as compare to before having surgery but he hasn’t still lost his confidence over his ability.

At present he is living with his second wife, Kathleen and a daughter Lauren in Las Vegas. He also has one daughter for his first wife named Erin, but anything about her hasn’t yet came to media spot light.

Well famous and most popular singer has interesting life to be shared with his fans who has been loving him for his gifted potential. Although his childhood was not that much pleasant to be remembered but his old age is full of fame and wealth. His current estimation about his net worth has believed to be of $70 million. His net worth has helped him to be one of the richest celebrities of Hollywood. There is lot more to know about his life, the short form of his life has been summarized in wiki and other sites hence anyone curious about his life can get to know him through those sites.