A professional golfer of Fijian origin, Vijay Singh who is commonly known as The Big Fijian is one of the talented players in the history of Golf. Singh was entitled to the name ‘A top player of his era’ by his fellow  supporters and competitors alike. Born on the 22nd of February, 1963, Singh is renowned for his exceptional time in the European Tour where he was able to win the hearts of his spectators by his self-claimed single-minded dedication for the game. He has also achieved the No.1 spot on the Official World Rankings for his amazing total of about 32 weeks from 2004 to 2005. He is also famous for his claims of the titles during his time, almost 4 victories on European turf and three major championships tour winner out of which are Open and three Masters Championships. After his retirement from his first love he went on to become the inductee to the World Golf Hall Of Fame and has recently won the FedEx Cup before to his retirement.

Digging into his career, he can be and is considered one of the greats to have played the sport when taking a look at his achievements. His inspiration was Tom Weiskopf who was the then pioneers of the sport from 1971. Singh decided to take up golf at just the young age of 13 from his father who taught golf. It was not long before he got the taste of championships to his hands, some of which being the Fijina Amateur and Youths Championship. His skill and determination made him turn into a professional in the late 80’s. Turning professional was the golden step in his career as he experienced instant success when winning the Malaysian PGA Championship and 3rd overall on the European Tour’s Order of Merit. This was just the merit of his professional career as he has a downfall when  alleged to have doctored with his score card. In the early 90’s, Singh, even if had a lifetime ban on Asian PGA tour, took the job in Sabah, Malaysia as at the Keningau Club. Although being a period of hardships, he says that it has some valuable experience that will come useful in time. He did not giuve up and collected the money he needed to take his career going again. Having got a sponser for a tour and trip to Africa, he showed his skill to bag the Nigerian Open. A sudden change of skill and procedure was a take-down for his critics as Singh was seen to have got his touch of swing back got the Qualifying Tour for the European Fest. And after three long agenizing years of hard work and patience, Singh was back with a new improvement and what better way to flaunt it than winning the Volvo Open which he considers as the major turning point from which he had his confidence restored as well as his place as the 24th spot. It was not long that Singh got what he was working hard for, his finishing touch which then won him the first major title- The Open Championship.

Like in his professional life, Singh was near-about successful in his personal one as well. He played hard to get as the courtesy of his charming looks and was loved by many women who wanted to get close to him. His  first wife was not as supportive of him and the couple got divorce when Singh was out of the Asian PGA. With the indo-fijian nationality, He soon got the women of his life as per the local news that was published by his friend about the on-going relationship between Singh and his girlfriend. While the height of his career was going down, he was active to fight a lawsuit that had allegations that he was gay. He has had many relationships and is a very hard guy to catch up with either be golf or love life.

A teenager with an unseen and unmatched passion for golf that took him some considerable heights of success that he could ever have had dreamed for is Vijay Singh. The fulfillment of the dream of life came as he could improve his technique and then come back as a hungry champion. By that Singh is now seen as one of the greats in the field of Golf and has not cited about his salary or his net worth. His bio can be searched in wiki and other relative sites and he mostly active in twitter.