Sensational Victoria Ainsle Pratt is a Canadian actress with gifted ability and skills. Super beautiful and smoking hot, Victoria has an ability to race the pace of hearts of millions in every simple move she makes. Gifted with astonishing acting ability and superhot body figure, Victoria Ainsle Pratt is really praise worth icon. Victoria Ainsle Pratt was born on December 18, 1970. 43 years aged beautiful actress Victoria was born in Chesley, Ontario, Canada. Victoria Ainsle Pratt is a Canadian television actress, film actress, fitness model and author. She is well known for her work in Xena: Warrior Princess, Once a Thief, Cleopatra 2525, Mutant X, Day Break, House of the Dead 2 and many others.

Victoria studied in Chesley District High School in Chesley, Ontario. She graduated from the prestigious Toronto’s York University in Kinesiology. She was provided a scholarship at University of Toronto for physiotherapy Master’s program but she declined this opportunity. Challenging her own abilities and expanding her horizon of working, Victoria Ainsle Pratt has pushed herself to the height of success she stands today through the dedication and hard work of years. She stands as one of the most successful actresses in the world of Hollywood. Her acting and versatility to serve various roles really makes her a sensational actress. Supported by her beautiful face and hot body figure, she is really an astonishing actress with gifted abilities and skills. She has gained centuries worth success just as the age of 43. She has the height of 1.66 m which perfectly suits her personality. Her long and hot legs with well managed body figure, builds up a sizzling hot bikini figure.  Victoria Ainsle Pratt was married to T.J. Scott in the year 2000.

Victoria has been part of various movies and television shows in her successfully running career and some of them to be mentioned are:


Whatever It Takes of 1998, Legacy of 1998, The Mallory Effect of 2002, Hush of 2005, Mayday of 2005, House of the Dead 2 of 2005, Murder at the Presidio of 2005, Her Fatal Flaw of 2006, Comedy Hell of 2006, Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep of 2006, What Love Is 2007, Brotherhood of Blood of 2007, Journey to the Center of the Earth of 2008, Hush Little baby of 2007, Mongolian Death Worm of 2010, Your Love Never Fails of 2011, Soda Springs of 2012, Gabe the Cupid Dog of 2012, Away of 2012, Christmas Twister of 2012, Dracano of 2012, A Nanny’s Revenge of 2012, Death Valley of 2014, Vespucci of 2014, La Migra of 2014, A Daughter’s Nightmare of 2014, A Patient Killer of 2014, bear Trap of 2015 and June of 2015.

Television shows:

Once a Thief of 1998, Xena: Warrior Princess of 1998, Forbidden Island of 1998, First Wave of 2000, Blacktop of 2000, Cleopatra 2525 of 2000-2001, Mutant X of 2001-2004, day Break of 2006-2007, Ghost Whisperer of 2007, Moonlight of 2008, Life of 2008, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation of 2009, Fear Itself of 2009, Cold Case of 2009, NCIS of 2010, Lie to Me of 2011, Castle of 2013, Heartland of 2014.

There are various other works of her which can be studied in detail in wiki along with his bio. She too can be followed in various social networking sites. The determination of years has made her stand in the social and economic position she is today. She stands as a role model to those people who seek the light of success through dedication and determination. She sets a perfect example that the success holds no other shortcuts than hard work. Dedicated from her very early days, now she stands as an economically well-established actress holding the net worth of around $5 million American dollars.  Expanding her horizon of success utilizing her abilities and talent she has drawn an irreplaceable place in the world of Hollywood.