Geordie Shore star, Vicky Pattinson’s weight loss transformation has got quite a lot exposure through MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach: Beach Body SOS.’

The reality star transformed herself from an overweight and unfit woman into a toned bombshell.

Pattinson is now half the fatter version of herself. She transformed from the size 16 into a super slim size of 8.

She has revealed that she has lost an incredible three stone to reinvent herself as a health and fitness model.

But, how she has done it?

The former “Queen of the Jungle” credits her impressive results to a mixture of high-protein diet and HIIT workouts.

Vicky cites the desire to live her life to the fullest as the motivation to lose weight. 

The former Geordie Shore star said the best advice she would give to her fans is to avoid sugary drinks.

During the day, she opts for green tea and drinks plenty of water to keep herself hydrated, which is a crucial factor for a healthy lifestyle.

Now, the TV star is determined and makes sure she follows a healthy diet every day, relying on protein shakes.

She would start her day with a protein-packed breakfast of scrambled eggs with green tea and vegetable.

Then, she’ll have a superfood salad with sweet potato and chicken and chunky soup for her lunch.

Likewise, her dinner includes a protein-rich meal with salmon or chicken, along with complex carbs like butternut squash or brown rice and vegetables.

She started her workout session performing boxing, spinning and HIIT training with a reference to a fitness DVD.

In 2013, she made headlines after releasing her first fitness DVD, 7 Day Slim and started proudly flaunting the results on social media.

Now, she doesn’t starve herself from the diet she craves for, but enjoys the food and hits the gym the next day to make up for it.

Vicki has revealed that her fiancé, John Noble has helped her follow a healthy lifestyle.

Vicki and John got engaged in 2017, and she has revealed about her plans to get married the next year.

She likes to be called ‘fiancée’ which she says is the reason for delaying the wedding. She also wants to avoid questions like, “When are you having children?”

As of now, she is obsessed with her slim body. 

Recently, she shared a picture of three phases of her body on Instagram, putting her body transformation to the news once again.