‘VH1 Beauty Bar’ follows the daily activities of the New York Salon, House of Dolls, where clients come to get their hair, makeup and nails done.

And those who look after these clients are the most dynamic, diverse, and talented technicians in New York City.

Here are the five facts about the show that you might not have known.

1. Companion to Black Ink Crew

The show is a companion reality show to VH1’s successful show, Black Ink Crew, which has already produced a spin-off show.

So you can expect to see similar dynamics and how they play out in ‘VH1 Beauty Bar.’

2. House of Dolls by Henry

House of Dolls by Henry is the salon co-owned by Henry and his business partner, Tess. Henry also owns House of Dolls in Anaheim, California.

Both Henry and Tess will be featured in the show.

3. Cast

Apart from Henry and Tess being the primary cast of the show, there are others who will look interesting.

Thalia and Kevin the makeup artists, Vee the ambitions hair colorist, Notik the resident barber, Princess and Rell hair stylists.

4. Clashing Egos

Like every other reality television series, the talented cast with large personalities is sure to make you cling to the couch.

Henry tries to run a tight ship, and there will likely be a lot of drama within the shop.

5. What’s in Store for You

With the popularity of ‘Black Ink Crew,’ we can assume that ‘Beauty Bar’ will follow in its path.

We are likely to see significant cast changes, hopefully, to find success in the highly competitive business.