An activist and passionate lady also the anchor for the famous News Giants named Fox on the heart of Washington, D.C., Uma Pemmaraju is one the most versatile TV-reporters known to the newscating world. She is considered so as she was so active in the observations relating to the stories of investigations referring to political and medical activities that she was named the “Boston’s Best Anchor”. She covered these stories daily for 4pm as well as 10pm’s newscasts. Pemmaraju made her debut for Fox News in the month of October, 1996. Uma had a keen interest on making reports and then reporting the content to people. In Houston, Texas, and Boston, she did not fall behind in winning many of the awards for her brilliant reporting skills.

Being the youngest in her family out of her five siblings, she had the most highlighting moment in her career when she had the opportunity of covering the then High Profile news-creators as it was very near to her heart for it depicted a great as well as defining incident for herself and several viewers of the news channel. Pemmaraju developed an interest in the interview reporting when she had been working at KTVT-11 in Dallas. She was considered “Most Active” for her ever-growing efforts as well as her passion towards the field of reporting. Pemmaraju is still seen active in Boston where she got prior the release from her former station, the Dallas station, nearly 24 years of continuous hard and dedicated work. The “News Brat”, as to her Indian and hindu religion family, has now followed her visit to the company USS Arizona in Hawaii with her veteran friend of Illinois for further dedication to her childhood interest. Pemmaraju has contributed as a vital team member, Illustrator and speaker among her viewers from Boston as well as her fans. She is the first known lady to have established such an inspirational tradition prior to the reporting of political updates in and around Boston. She is also found reporting various outcomes relating to the scientific and humanly possible breakthroughs for the vital clinical agendas and researches in hospitals, medical research centers and also health care centers.

Pemmaraju is very secretive of the personal life and very little is known about this inspiring lady.  She is known to have married early at just 19 years of age. Being far too young made the couple wait for a couple of years before having their first child and all that without the talk of divorce. Their first child was said to have seen this world when she was aged 34. Despite having minor fertility problems, she was able to give birth to two lovely children, known to the world as a marvelous phenomenon for an infertile-considered lady. And she was known to be kind enough to adopt one more child, again a daughter. Pemmaraju adopted the third child prior to that of her delivery of the children. Now running at the peak age, Pemmaraju still has a noticeable height with long and fine legs and a nice feet. She now resides in the far outskirts of Washinton along with her loving husband and lovely daughters as there is a photo as a proof. Her body measurements are not cited in any of her bios but it is said that she is able to rock almost everything she wears even a bikini.

An ever-hungry versatile newscaster, Uma Pemmaraju has the net-worth of $4 million but her salary is said to depend on the work load of the reporting that she puts into it. She is one of the remarkable to have made the news casting career a fond for living. She can be seen engaged online via Facebook and twitter.