Captain Phil Harris (born December 19, 1956) was an American fisherman and part owner of the boat ‘Cornelia Marie.’

He started fishing with his father since the age of eight, and after high school, he began crab fishing.

He was one of the youngest crab fishing boat captain on the Bering Sea at the age of 21.

He was first married to Mary Harris in 1982, who was then an exotic dancer in a nightclub.

He had two sons with her, Joshua and Jacob, before their divorce in 1991.

In 2004, the Cornelia Marie was shown for the first time in the first episode of Deadliest Catch as a partner ship of the F/V Maverick.

During the 2008 season of Deadliest Catch, Phil was thrown from his bunk during a storm and started coughing up blood.

His sons and the crew had to convince him to seek medical attention and it was later determined that he suffered a Pulmonary embolism.

He came back for the opilio crab season next year in January 2009 after a year-long rest.

During his time off, he set up a coffee company called ‘The Captain’s Reserve’ in 2008.

When he was offloading crabs on January 29, 2010, he suffered a massive stroke.

He was rushed to Anchorage for surgery and was placed in an induced coma.

The doctors were amazed by the improvement he had done after waking up from the induced coma.

However, Phil Harris died on February 9, 2010, due to an intracranial hemorrhage.

He was cremated, half of his ashes were buried in an ornately painted Harley Davidson motorcycle gas tank beside his mother; while the remaining half was spread on the sea.