Trent Olsen is an American actor. He is the older brother of twin actresses Mary –Kate Olsen and Ashely Olsen and also of Elizabeth Olsen. At present he has just initiated his journey in acting line along with his sisters. Due to the fact other biography sites lack information about him in detailed form. He was first appeared in the movie called The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the Mystery Cruise. Very handsome looking Trent has impressive personality as well.

Trent Olsen was born on May 6, 1984 in Sherman Oaks, California, USA. By birth he is a USA citizen and the fact is clear that he has spent his childhood in USA and must have completed his education from same place. He has just graduated from school in North Hollywood in June 2002 and attended USC in October 2004. He graduated from USC in May 2006. Any other particular information about him has not revealed in any biographic sites till the date. Hence anything to write about him can be just a contradictory part and can be injustice to his fans and followers who are looking for exact information about him.

Talking about his journey in acting line till now, he had started his journey in acting line along with his twin sisters from series of videos like You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Sleepover Party (1995). He has also seen in a scene featuring Snoop Dogg in the movie Old School 2003. His movies as far are not at high rate as they get rating around 3.7. But the starting has proved that he has great future ahead. He has been making his progress at rapid speed and one day he is about to be famous as like his sisters.

Talking about his personality as he is now a rising star of Hollywood, he has a quite impressive personality as an actor. Well built personality with charming appearance has been making great impact on his fans and followers. He has been famous among his fans with the help of his acting and ability.

He is only at initial level of success, so anything cannot be said in personal about his personal life till the date. His personal life is still unrevealed in front of his fans. The reason behind may be his secretive nature or being not much successful as an actor. His fans and followers are rising and his popularity is increasing at same rate. Although he has played in only few films and videos but he has further plans to be successful in same line as like his sisters. He is thinking to invest his luck in acting line with great dedication. If he gets succeeded as he has stated then his success is about to rise for sure.

Talking about his connections in different social sites, he has not been much active in those sites till now but it seems in upcoming days he will be seen as much active person in those sites and his fans can collect any kind of information about him from himself. He is one of those personalities who has great ambition towards and love to work on it with great effort. Once he is set on his mission then his fans and followers can easily be in contact with him.

To say in brief, at present he has been known by his sister’s name in acting industry but as he has already started his luck in same field then the day is not so far when his name will be famous without the help of his sisters. as for now he is connected via facebook so his fans can get in contact with him via it. He loves to be in contact with his fans who are appriciating his work till now.