Thomas Michael Glavine who is professionally known as Tom is an American professional baseball player. He is currently retired and used to be a pitcher. He used to play in Major League Baseball for the teams, New York Mets and Atlanta Braves. He was born on March 25, 1996 in Concord, Massachusetts but raised in Billerica. He went to Billerica Memorial High School. He was outstanding student of his school and was also a letterman in the plays of ice hockey as well as baseball. During the time of hockey being a senior, he was awarded with the name of Most Valuable Player in the Merrimack’s Valley. And about his baseball career he headed his team to the Division I North Titile along with the Eastern Massachusetts Championship. He graduated from his studies in 1984.

His professional career started to rise when he was taken and drafted by Los Angeles Kings during the year of 1984 where NFL Entry Draft was held. And was also taken by Atlanta Braves Mojor League Baseball organization. He decided to play baseball and then he gave his debut on 1987 August 17. He played for Atlanta Braves from 1987-2002. He was successful in gaining 33-43 record from 1987 to 1990 where he also faced 17 loss performance which was in 1988. His stars got stronger during the year 1991 where he won 20 games and got the post of 2.55 run average. It earned him his first National League Cy Young Award. He also topped the 1991 Braves’ which also had Steve Avery, Charlie Leibrandt. John Smoltz was also included as he won the NL Cy Young Award. During the year of 2003 Glavine started playing for New York Mets after leaving Atlanta. He signed a contract for four years and with the deal of $42.5 million. He could not do well in the half year of 2002 as his performance paced down and also could not do his two postseason starts. At the third year contract he was taken off from the team refusing to sign the contract. After Glavine joined the Mets he could not do well in the beginning. In his records for the first time he lost 10 games since 1988. His first game and his career grand gland slam was allowed to play on september 19. Later his brother, Mike was called upon to join the Mets. His selection for the National League All-star Team was granted as he had done good performance in 2004 which was pinpionted by the one-hit shutout of the Colorado Rockies. He lost his front teeth and had to struggle during a second half when he was on a taxi ride. His slug performance arised in the 2005 and then came back to his original form after he was encouraged by his coach. After the coach’s advice he began to pitch in most of the time. Later he reached to the good height of his career from his gameplay. His professionalism also reflected due to the fact being a left hander. he also declared that he would be the special assistant of the president of Brave's who was John Schuerholz.

Glavin’s age is 48 by now and he also served for Volunteers of America’ program representimg himself as a spokesperson. The program was for the homeless children who needed essential supplies and needs. Glavine was married to Christine in the year of 1988. He and his wife have adopted Kienan Patrick. They have also four other adapted children. He currently lives with them in Johns Creek, Georgia. He is also the coach of his son in baseball and hockey teams. Tom celebrates his kid’s birthday with his family includinh his wife. There was a rumour that a divorce was filed for Tom Glavine and Christine’s marriage but it was proved to be false.