An aspiring actor of the television and movies, ‘Toby Stephens’ is best known to the world for his outstanding portrayal of Bond villain ‘Gustav Graves’ in James Bond moive ‘Die Another Day’. This talented actor took his first step on earth on 21st April, 1969 in London, England, United Kingdom. Since his childhood he wanted to be an actor. To improve his acting skills, he had gained training from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art(LAMDA).

Stephens started his acting journey in the year 1992 with the role Othello in the movie ‘Orlando’. Since his first appearance, he has made numerous guest appearances in the various television series. After being graduated from the LAMDA, he started to show his immense acting talent on the stage. He gained much needed recognition applause from the title role in Royal Shakespeare Company production of ‘Coriolanu’. Then his good performance led him to get the roles in other stage plays. He portrayed the role of Stanley Kowalski in West End production of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and ‘Hamlet’ in the year 2004. After his fabulous performance in the Broadway ‘Ring Round the Moon’, he played a leading character in the movie ‘Photographing Fairies’. However, he came to notice with playing the role of Gustav Graves in James Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’. With the portrayal of Bond Villain, he became the youngest actor to play a Bond villain in the James Bond movie. Toby didn’t show his incredible acting skills in the Hollywood movies only, he further played the role of British Army captain in Indian movie ‘The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey’. After that, he played a role British East India Company office in ‘Sharpe’s Challenge’. In the mid-year of 2007, he was approached to play a role of Jerry in Harold Pinter’s ‘Betrayal’. After proving himself as a versatile actor, he returned back to his old memory where he became a part of iconic James Bond movie. It was in the year 2008, when he played the role of James Bond in BBC Radio 4’s ‘Dr. No’. In the same year, he played the leading role in the feature-length movie ‘Fly Me’. Stephens turned his way to the small screen after proving his acting potentiality in the big screen. He appeared as Prince John in the Season 3 of BBC series ‘Robin Hood’ in 2009. Toby returned back to London Stage to play a part in the production of Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’. In 2010, he performed in made-for-television movie ‘The Blue Geranium’. Besides his leading role, he also played supporting role in the short movie ‘The Lost Explorer’. His most recent stage performance was seen in the 2010’s play ‘Danton’s Death’.

Significance to his personal life biography, Stephens is a married man. He got married to New Zealand actress Anna-Louise Plowman. From his marital relation, he is blessed with three children named ‘Eli Alistair’, ‘Talluh’ and ‘Kura’. Before he got married to Plowman, his name was linked up with many beautiful ladies. He was seen dating with actress Jennifer Ehle in 1991. But their relation ended soon and there after he met his love Plowman with whom he is sharing strong love and affection till date.

Toby is undoubtedly one of the best actors of the American movie and television industry. With his phenomenal acting performances, he has been able to win the hearts of his millions of fans. Stephens is a handsome man with an exemplified height of 5 feet 11 inches. He looks perfect in each role he has played in the movies and television series. From his dashing personality and powerful acting skills, he has been successful to attract all his fans to watch his movies. Stephens might have earned considerable amount of net worth from his successful acting career. However, he has not revealed his exact money figure in the public. More additional information about this talented actor can be obtained from the wiki and other internet sites. His fans can follow him on twitter @thetobystephens.