Titus B. Welliver is an enthusiastic American actor and also a fine painter. He was born on the 12th of March in the year of 1961. He has been known for the role in several roles in the film and also in the television. Titus had been playing in Lost as the role of The Man in Black. He was born in New Haven located in Connecticut. He is the inheritance of Norma Cripps who was a fashion illustrator and Neil Welliver who is also a painter. He completed his studies as he studied drama at the New York University during the time of 80’s. He completed his studies before he began his television career and in the films and several movies.

Titus did his works in several movies as he did some movies which includes The Doors, Rough Riders, Biker Boys, Twisted, Mulholland Falls and also for the movie project titled Assault on Precinct 13. He did his roles in different movies as he portrayed Al Capone in the movie titled Mobsters. He also had a role of  a doctor which was telecasted in the television show of NYPD Blue. Titus also had the star cast for the drama Brooklyn South which is telecasted in the television network of CBS. The drama had been categorized as the genre of police drama. Some of his notable characters includes as Silas Adams in Deadwood which is aired on the HBO network and along with that role he had another character as Lionel McCready in the Gone Baby Gone  which is produced and directed by Ben Affleck. He has a good acknowledgement with the actor Laurence Fishburne who is also his friend. He also appeared with him in the movie Once in the Life where Fishburne had given his first directorial.

Titus also appeared in many other television series and among them one of the remarkable role has been in the series of Prison Break where he did the character of The Representative. Another prominent role has been in the NBC network series of Life where he portrayed the role of Kyle Hollis where he is also known as Reverend Orson Parker. During the screening of the series of Lost he had appeared in about five of the series and continued with his role as The Man in Black. Along with his other character he has also been featured in the FX’s series of Sons of Anarchy. He has been playing in the two of the seasons of the television series. Titus played the role of Jimmy O’Phelan where he portrayed as the Irish gun kingpin. Then in the year of 2009 he did the role of the Prosecuter Glenn Childs. He had the role against the character which was played by Chris North. The role was for the CBS series which was titled The Good Wife.

Apart from the television acts and in the movies he has also been currently acting as the ambassador of the Gentleman Jack’s What is the order? Campaign. He has also recently featured in the television advertisements for the Combat Business Class. He has recently appeared in several movies during the year of 2013 and 2014. Some of the movies are Transformers: Age of Extinction where he did the role of James Savoy. After that he also appeared in Bosch where he portrayed Detective Harry Bosch. He Titus has also appeared in other latest television series which includes Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D where he did the role of Agent Felix Blake where he appeared in two of the episodes. He also had the same character for the episode of Marvel One-Shot : Item 47 which was in the year 2012 and is a short film.