Charming the judges with her powerful and melodic voice, Spensha Baker has rambled her way to the top of ‘The Voice.’

Her soulful voice and charismatic appearance have landed her in the season finale and, as per her fans, she will definitely end up as the winner.

But before you park yourself in front of your screens to watch the 14th season finale, get to know the singer a little better.

Her musical career started from a TV show

Though her musical talents were evident by the time she was seven, her career only started rolling when she was 12.

But her career really hit off in 2004, after appearing as a contestant on Star Search.

She performed for a former president

Because her father served in the military, Spensha spent most of her childhood moving from camp to camp.

Since starting off her musical career at 12, she has performed for various well-known figures, including former U.S president, George Bush.

She has already released an album

At the tender age of 12, she was approached by Geffen Records to sign a deal and released an album, Outloud!, in 2010.

But after the deal ended, she moved to Nashville with her mother, where country music sparked her interest.

She has an “Outloudish” anthem

When her first album was released in 2010, CBN got in touch with her and asked her to explain why she named her album, ‘Outloud!’

Spensha went on to say that being open is her way of life and that she wants to live out loud, laugh out loud, breathe out loud and love out loud.

She also said that this was not only her personal anthem, but it could be an anthem for everyone.

She has an estate license

Though her father is a military man, her mother is a business-oriented woman.

So it might not come as shock when you realize that this 23-year-old has an estate license of her own.