Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the Canadian figure skaters blew everyone’s mind by their ecstatic performance.

They brought home two gold medals for the Canadian team in the Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.

But more importantly, fans around the world want to know if they are a real-life couple because of their on and off stage chemistry.

The “fan-wished” couple appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and were asked by Ellen if they really were a couple.

Tessa replied with a simple, “we are not” and went to say that they always say it is a big compliment.

But don’t worry folks, because she even said that she was grateful to have lived the last 20 years by his side.

Later, Scott also revealed that they were indeed a couple back in the days. But they had to cut their relationship short, to advance in their careers.

Maybe, Tessa and Scott are actually a couple and trying their best to keep their relationship private.

Most of their fans would love to know if they are a real-life couple, including Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds for which Tessa had a perfect reply