Teemu Raimoranta, also known as Teemu (Somnium) Raimoranta was a Finnish metal musician for his life-long profession. Additionally he was also the founding guitarist of Finnish folk metal band Fintroll along with vocalist Jan “Katla” Jamsen. Beside that he was also actively involved in Finntroll as a guitarist until his death in 2003. During his course of journey he had also played in Thy Serpent, Barathrum and Impaled Nazarene.

To date many biographic sites have still failed to summarize his entire life events in details, as for result his fans and followers are still expecting to know about him in detail. Teemu was born on the 19th of May 1977 in Helsinki, Finland. He was born in Finland and since then he has been living there. Teemu Raimoranta is also known as Somnium. There is no any strong fact about him moving out of Finland for living purpose.

By his nature he has been known as artistic, stable and man with trustworthiness. Beside that he has been also famous for his laziness, stubbornness, and prejudice and also possessiveness behavior. His academic qualification is still unclear to media. There is no perfect source to calculate his study qualification to date. Teemu was the founding guitarist of Finnish folk metal band Finntroll along as a guitarist until his death in 2003. Some sources have also concluded that he had also played in Thy Serpent Barathrum and Impaled Nazarene. Raimoranta died on March 16, 2003 after falling from the Kaisaniemi bridge in Helsinki while intoxicated. His death occurred shortly after his involvement in Finntroll’s completion of Visor Om Slutet, which was dedicated to his memory.

He had been perfect in his labels like, Spikefarm/ Spinefarm, Osmose. During his lifetime career, he always loved to play Guitar and had been fond of playing vocals. The Serpent was released in 1995 by band name, Into Everlasting Fire Demo.  Later after four years of duration, his next album was released by name Saatana in 1999 and then it was followed by Okkult in 2000. One of the remarkable contributions from his side till now, Finntroll was released in 1998.

Talking about his personality as a musician, many people has shared rumors about him being a gay, but still any spectacular proof has not yet came in to light to define him in clear manner. Hence, anything about his sexuality, being gay, bisexual, or straight is still in disguise from media. Blue and green were Teemu Raimoranta’s favorite colors. He had been a typical positive man by nature. Many people had loved his personality to greater extent. He had been famous for his incredible voice magic and also for his mesmerizing personality.

Teemu was only 25 years old when he died. Reason behind his death has been concluded to be being intoxicated. The reason behind his death concludes that he had been taking drugs in his life.   His personal life has not yet explained in perfect and well explicable form to date, which means he had been very confidential on the matter of his personal life being exposed in public. Hence to say anything about him without any perfect proof or statement from his side will be disrespect to his fame. During his life time career journey, he had been admired by huge mass of people, the population of his admirers has not yet decreased. Huge mass of people are still preferring his songs and vocals with admire. Teemu was also known for a variety of different music styles. Genres Teemu Raimoranta is best known for Black metal and Folk metal. At present time, Ainjel Emme, Carla Cook, Sumru Aryunruyen, Spinvis and Fortesa Hoti are musical artists that are similar to Teemu Raimoranta. They have been successful to follow the path of music created by Teemu.