Theodore Samuel “Ted” Williams famous as Ted Williams is American born U.S soldier turn Base Ball player. Talking about his career firstly he served as soldier who fought in World War II and Korean War. Later he took himself to Baseball and where he played Major League Baseball for 19 years of his life for Boston Red Sox and was considered as one of the greatest player of baseball getting nicknames as “The Kids”, “The Thumper”, “The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived.” He won many awards like American League Most valuable Player, was Batting champion for six times, 17 times he was All-Star and also was Triple Crown Winner for two times. His career includes batting average of 344, home runs of 521, and also 482 of Base percentage. He has set record of making more than 500 runs in home. Due to his extraordinary ability he is listed in Baseball Hall of Fame.

As born in San Diego he started playing baseball at his early age and proved him as best hitter of all time by making batting average of 406 but he made gap in his baseball career as he went to serve US Navy and Marine to fight in World War II. But again he had to join army to serve as Marine Aviator for Korean War and came back in his baseball career making numerous of records which are still not broken by any of the player. He retired from his excellent baseball career in 1960 and became host to run television program featuring fishing and also got listed in IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame. His kind hearted nature helped many of the charity organization doing works for different cause as he involved helping the needy people. Later he also got Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George H.W. Bush which is called one of the highest civilian awards of America. He also got to be in Major League Baseball All-Time team and Major League Baseball All-Century Team in 1997 and 1999 respectively.

Talking about his childhood, he child of soldier and photographer father Samuel Stuart Williams and community service worker mother May Venzor.  While in his childhood he got training of Baseball by his uncle who also was Baseball player and he is high school graduate from Herbert Hoover High School and was called by Baseball clubs but could not go due to his mother and had signed some local clubs to play Baseball. According to him he wanted people to say that “There goes Ted Williams, the greatest hitter ever lived” when people see him. From 1936 to 1938 he was seen playing small and local leagues as he was in high school where he created many records and won many games with his team while playing league games. This is the reason he was in sight of Boston Red Sox and replaced Ben Chapman wearing his number 9 jersey to play for Boston Red Sox. While in Red Sox he played his Major League Baseball as left batsman and right thrower making some incredible records. Later in 1940 he got his salary double but told that his salary for him is like peanut and he doesn’t like Boston which created controversy for which he later he had to beg apology. Unfortunately he broke his bone of right ankle in 1941 but continued playing. And after that he went to US soldier to work as Navy and Marine cop for World War II where he got salary of 30000 dollar. And later he again came back to Boston Red Sox with recording signing of 37500 dollar salary and played brilliant league and once he was offered 300000 dollar contract for playing Mexican league but he showed no interest and later signed with 70000 dollar. While having brilliant career he was again called to serve US army in Korean War. And after that he again came to play his league in Baseball. Unfortunately he died in 2002 at the age of 83 by being one of the greatest Baseball players of the era.

Due to his fame his photos and biography are kept safe in museum and are famous among Baseball fans and people of San Diego. His quotes about Baseball, US army and inspiration are famous and many people and writers have written quotes quoting him. To know more about him we can see Boston Red Sox website and his biography is also available in wiki.