Tavis Smiley holds different position in different occupations. He was born on september 13, 1964 in Gulfport, Mississipi. He later grew up in Bunker Hill, Indiana. He is mainly known for the talk show host and most of the people also know him with the qualities of philanthropist, advocate, an entrepreneur and a commentator in liberal politics. He hosts a show named after him called, The Tavis Smiley Show. He attended Indiana University and worked as an assistant to Tom Bradley. Tom Bradley was the mayor of Los Angeles. In the beginning of his career he worked as a radio commentator. This was the time during 1991. After five years in BET Talk, he hosted a talk show, where he got to interview many known and reputed people. Tavis Talks, a radio program on BlogTalkRadio is hosted by Tavis himself.

In his early age his family needed to move to Indiana as his stepfather was transferred to Peru, Indiana where the Grissom Air Force Base was located. They were forced to reside in the small town. The whole town was covered with crowded homes. When his aunt was murdered , their parents had to take in all four orphaned children. He was fond of his maternal grandmother whom he called Big Mama. It had became a large number family. At an early age of 13 he became interested in politics after he attended a fundraiser for the U.S senator Birch Baych. Smiley was active in the student council and different other debate programs. He described Maconaquah High School as the school containing 98 percent white kids. About his college life, he had signed up in Indiana University Bloomington. As his parents had rejected him to bear the financial papers, he went to the university carrying only a suitcase and only $50. Smiley attended the summer classes after he completed his first years . he did his internship with Mayor Bradley. As he considered Harvard Law School, he did the LSAT two times. He was accused of copying other’s work and failed in his computer class. During the result he had nine hours of less credit which resulted him as an unpassed graduate from IU. Later in 2003 he officially established his degree from the University of Indiana. Tom Joyner Morning Show, a radio broadcast on black people had been mostly commented by Smiley in 1996. Later Joyner and Smiley both started to host annual meeting titled The State of The Black Union which began in 2000. He was later recognized as a political commentator in different discussion shows which were broadcasted on MSNBC, CNN and ABC. And in 1996 he was the executive producer of BET Tonight and hosted it himself. Later Tavis Smiley was fired by the chairman and CEO of BET, Robert L. Johnson as there were some controversies that Tavis had given wrong information and used some offensive words. He has also published some of his own books which has also been named New York Times Bestseller. Some of his great contributions are that he founded Tavis Smiley Foundation in 1999 which helped develop the young leaders.

A rumour was spread Tavis being a gay. Some of the people thought it as a true fact as he was not spotted with a lady besides some ceremonies or functions but as long there is no true fact the rumour cannot be accepted. There was another rumour related to his personal life. It was rumoured that he was dating Fredricka Whitfield of CNN and was planning to get married. Some assumed Anika None Rose was his girlfriend and also his wife but it also turned out to be false. His nationality as American is one of the interesting subject which he resembles during his shows. He has got lot of viewers who search up his bio in wiki, google, bing or any other sites in order to know about him. His twitter account can be followed which gives the present updates related to him.