Tamra Cantore is a famous TV celebrity that raised to fame after working at The Weather Channel (TWC). Furthermore, she is also known as the establishing founder of an organization, Team Cantore.

Cantore was born in 1965 on 4th July in America, there’s not much information regarding her parents. She belongs to a simple, middle-class family within the state of California. She completed her graduation in journalism and mass communication from Bowling Green State University in 1989. Ahead, we present you with all the details about Tamra.

Her Successful Career

Tamra started her working quickly after her graduation. Her first career involved several TV channels. That provided her to move publicly present in the broadcasting. But, her life has brought its part of challenges. This enters life-changing decisions for both her kids and herself.

The Snippet of Tamra Cantore
The Snippet of Tamra Cantore
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Following three years of effort, she was appointed by The Weather Channel as a daily news anchor. The progress made her weather channel association. She gained her great break a time, with the chance to host an interview show for two hours every weekend. When she has joined the journalist family, it started way back when she got the chat show host job, It’s when she met her ex-husband Jim Cantore.

Married Life of Tamra Cantore

In the year 1990 Tamra and Jim Cantore, after a long dating, got married to each other. The marriage remained an involved private ceremony. The couple welcomed two kids; Christina was born in 1993 and in 1995, Ben was born. The marriage remained an involved private ceremony.

Tamra Cantore with her kids
Tamra Cantore with her kids
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Unfortunately, the wedding wasn’t to last. Later years of wedding, in 2007, the pair moved, they sort out ways of taking a divorce. Their relation became a problem due to Tamra’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. The journalist had a satisfying profession in her field of journalism. She got the Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award in 2007 for her ad raising money for the research of paralysis agitans. Get to know more about the actor Adam Sulman.

Learn About Her Health Issue

Things started tough for Tamra after she was diagnosed with Parkinson‘s disease in 1997. She openly announced the heartbreaking news on her 40th birthday. Due to her difficulties with the disease, she quit her job at TWC. Her situation got worse and worse that she had a lot of problems and even had a difficult time eating individually.

Tamra Cantore giving a speech about Parkinson‘s disease
Tamra Cantore giving a speech about Parkinson‘s disease
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Tamra revealed that both of her grandfathers had paralysis agitans, so her case is hereditary. Before this disease, she was an athlete. Further, she loved playing tennis. However, after her diagnosis, she continuing what she loves to do. 

Foundation Awareness About Parkinson

During her recovery from the difficulty of Parkinson’s disease, she shared awareness about it. In 2000 she discovered the organization, Team Cantore. In fact, the group has also supported and honor other greater organizations like Parkinson’s Unity Walk and hence the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

As said earlier, Tamra has operated on making funds for Parkinson’s research. Because she herself faced many tolerant of the disorder and has been expecting the cure for various years. After her worked it has been helped and cured for many other Parkinson’s diseases. Tamra’s kids were only seven and nine once they were diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome.

Know Her Ex-Husband Jim Cantore

James D. Cantore was born in 1964 on 16 February, who is an American meteorologist. Further, he is recognized as an on-air star for The Weather Channel. He began his career in 1986 and has been with it to date. Moreover, he was in London hosting weather parts for NBC through the 2012 Summer Olympics. He becomes an example of the best-known meteorologist on television.

Jim can usually be seen reporting from dangerous weather operations and has recorded live from the center of dozens of hurricanes. Before working at TWC involved explaining the public favorite Fall Foliage Forecast. His early work at TWC included explaining the public favorite Fall Foliage Forecast. He worked for events like the Space Shuttle Discovery launch, the Winter X Games, PGA tournaments, NFL games, and more. 

The Snippet of Jim Cantore reporting
The Snippet of Jim Cantore reporting
Image Source: Twitter

Meteorologist Jim is a member of both the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society. He is the AMS Television Seal of Approval. In the year 2003, won the NOAA-David S. Johnson Award for his innovative use of environmental satellite technology. He also gives his time to Make-a-Wish Foundation events throughout the nation and also followed as a celebrity cabinet member with the American Red Cross.

Tamra Cantore Net Worth & Social Media

However, her exact salary and other income aren’t revealed, she is assumed to receive quite a fortune. As of 2021, her net worth was expected to be within $5 million. Next leaving her career at The Weather Channel, she published a book The Calm Throughout Life’s Storms: God-given, Heartfelt Poetry, where she chronicled her journey as a Young Onset Parkinson’s patient. 

The journalist seems that she is not active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram page, although she is active on Facebook, it looks her account is private. Also, find the net worth and married life of YouTuber Natalie Hanby

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