Tami Roman whose birthname is Tamisha Akbar is an American actress, model, a businesswoman and also an enthusiastic television personality. She was born on the 17th of April in the year of 1970. She was raised by her mother. She was born in Mount Vernon and was later raised in White Plains, New York where she grew up too. She did not get good childhood life as she was raised by a single parent while her mother used to do three jobs. She is widely recognized as she is one of the cast members in the Basketball Wives. The show is telecasted in the VH1 television network. Apart from the show she has also got to feature in another television series titled The Real World: Los Angeles. The program used to telecast in the year of 1993.

When she was in her childhood she used to spent most of her time alone as her mother took up three jobs to maintain them. Later Roman’s mother got engaged with Ali Akbar. After her mother’s marriage she got to make her life better. Her latest father who was a Muslim and taught her about different importance of education along with spiritual education. She was getting along with his teachings and got inspired by him. Seeing this, her mother got divorced with Ali making Roman confused and putting her in dilemma. After that she faced a lot of problem as her mother was taken out from her job and they were also compelled to live in the streets. She also said in an interview that she couldn’t attend her prom neither her graduation ceremony as she could not afford a gown or a graduation cap. In spite of all these downs in her life she later came to be a strong woman.

Tami is also one of the hot celebrities who has got a good figure and she used to be in the modeling before she appeared in the screen of television. Then at the age of 22 she got a role in the show of MTV television network which was titled The Real World. She got to do the work regularly and in the late time she became the guest VJ for MTV which was in full time. And when she was engaged in the MTV of New York during a birthday party she met Kenny Anderson who later became Roman’s husband.

Kenny Anderson is a basketball player and Roman only knew the fact after she talked with him on the phone. After eight months of dating, the couple got married in front of huge mass of people. The married couple got two children whom they named Lyric and Jazz. Both of the children are daughters of the couple. Later after six and a half years of their marriage, their relationship got over and Roman became quite engaged with her career. Roman then got divorce from her husband due to his disloyalty. At this age she is also engaged in her cosmetic lines and products. And along with that she was reported to have a lipo surgery which was for her help in keeping her fit. The amazing personality is also beautiful and her feet and legs are displayed beautifully during her show and anchoring too. Roman is also an actress who has appeared in different movies and also in television series too.

Tami has reached a good height in her career as she has featured in many television shows and movies too. Some of her appearances can be seen in the movies like Tara, Sacred is the Flesh, where she casted along with Elise Neal and Nas. She is one of the aspiring celebrities whose bio can be searched up in wiki and other search sites too whereas her latest feeds can be seen in networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.