Sukanaya Krishnan is an Emmy award winning American news anchor. She was born on August 2, 1971 in Madras in Hindu family. Her parent is of Indian origin but later she has settled in the United States. Since from the dawn of her early career, she has stood for South Asians residing in America. In fact Krishnan has made tremendous effort to represent South Asians in American media. Recognizing her radically distinctive contribution Krishnan has been honored by many community service awards. Furthermore Indian American organizations have also rewarded her. Prior to her arrival none of Indian American women had initiated their on-air career in the local network in New York City. In recent times she has a growing reputation as an advocate of World Cares center.  

Krishnan is originally of Hindu ethnicity. She was born in a decent Hindu family but however  was brought up in a western culture. Her parent admitted her to New Dorp High School, where she learned to be a self reliant person. Being a native of Madras, Krishnan had a sound knowledge of Tamil. Hence she realized the value of being Bilingual and decided to enroll in Spanish language course for her further study. Eventually in 1993 Krishnan collected her bachelor degree majoring in Spanish Language.

About her career, Krishnan embarked on her broadcasting work at WLIG Channel  55 which is located in Long Island. Prior to joining PIX11, she was linked with an ABC affiliate television station in New York City. It was in 1995 when  she took her responsibility as a reporter and anchor for broadcasting at WUTR-TV . There she was assigned a time slot of 6 pm and 11 pm. It was a big opportunity for her to hone her skill. By then Krishnan’s real network career started as a New York based reporter along with the ABC affiliate station. She carried out a wide variety of tasks there. In preceding time, she collected experience as a morning/noon anchor and reporter at the CBS affiliate WHP TV, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. While her duty there, she reported many different stories which includes from the ‘Million Man March’ to TWA Flight 800. In addition to that she also covered the story of the flooding in Central Pennsylvania  which created a violent and needless disturbance there. Krishnan has presented report on a wide range of issue and thus has manifested her raw talent. She has shed light on many vital issues. Throughout her tenure at WCBS-TV, she provided viewers with many breaking news such as ‘Clinton White House impeachment proceedings’ the Abner Louima beating, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s cleanup of Times square. Krishnan covered all such pivotal events with a very cautious approach which brought her broad attention.

Remarking about her other mundane affairs, on September 17, 2007, her marriage to Eric Schroeder was officially announced on the CW11 Morning News. After two years she was an expectant mother. On March 10, 2009, during the show she announced about her advanced stage of pregnancy. Later, on July 22, 2009, Krishnan gave birth to her first son. Krishnan preferred to give an Indian name to her son so  the baby was given a name Kiran at his birth. After her delivery, she came back to the Network on October 12, 2009. After a four years of Krishnan’s first child birth again on January 15, 2013 at the PIX11 Morning news show, she announced that she was expecting her second child. On first June Shyla Alexy was born as her second child. Sukanya is the happy mother of two children. Sukanaya’s Husband Eric Schroeder was elevated to Captain in FDNY on May 30, 2013 which doubled their happiness. Her net worth and annual salary are not referred anywhere on the web but taking a note of her high profile life, it can be easily assumed that she gets paid a handsome amount of salary. Her biography and more intriguing facts about her life can be found on the Wiki and official site of the same. Currently Krishnan resides with her family on Staten Island.