A veteran American journalist, brilliant author and political pundit who has been vigorously serving mass media is none other than Steve Doocy. Currently Steve is affiliated with the Fox News Network. Steve jointly anchors a show ‘Fox and Friends’ along with Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Karlson. Fifty six years old Fox News reporter is widely known for his best selling books as well. Steve is the author of two New York times bestselling books. In his books Steve has entirely addressed concerns of the general public. Truly, Steve Doocy is a versatile and dynamic personality.

Steve Doocy was born in October 19, 1956 in Algona, Lowa. He was named as Stephen James at his birth by his parent. Although born in Algona, he was brought up in Abilene, Kansas where he spent most of his childhood. He was sent to Kansan Grade school to receive his early education. And later he attended Clay Center to complete his high school. Soon on the completion of his high school education, he went to the University of Kansas from where he majored in Journalism.

Steve embarked on his career working as a DJ for KJHK radio in Kansas. Before his tenure at Fox News channel Doocy used to be a newscaster on CBS-TV’s flagship station, WCBS-TV which is in New York City. In addition to that he has also been the co-host of a show ‘Wake up America’ on the NBC cable network. Doocy hosted another popular show House Party with Steve Doocy, and a show intended for kids which was entitled ‘ Not Just a News’. Doocy was honored with multiple Emmy awards for his distinct contribution. Doocy has been one of the Emmy Award winning face for WRC in Washington. Prior to being affiliated with NBC Network Steve had served as a news reporter in Wichita, Topeka, Kansas City and Des Moines, Lowa. Thus holding the position of news reporter in several cities, Steve had honed his expertise as a news reporter.

At the moment Steve jointly anchors in Fox News Channel. He was affiliated with Fox News Network in 1996. During his incumbencies as a reporter for Fox News, he has covered many vital stories from different corner of the United States. Steve has travelled in different parts of the world to cover major stories of the world. Since 1996 he was assigned a duty to cover the presidential election. Indeed, notable political figures such as former president George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and Hilary Clinton has been interviewed by Doocy. Moreover he has also conducted interviews of many popular celebrities like Jessica Alba, Rob Lowe, Brooklyn Decker. Aside from being a successful news reporter, Doocy is best known as a terrific author as well. Doocy has authored many masterpieces and has made an outstanding achievement. In his books he has revealed the secret of happy marriage life. Basically his writings are concerned with the issue of family life, in fact he has been successful in doing so. Steve Doocy and his colleague Gretchen Carlson are also dragged in dispute for backing up anti-gay christian baker in their show.

Steve has made a great fortune by working himself with a heart and soul. It is estimated that he possesses a net worth of approximately $ 2 millions. His annual salary is about $ five hundred thousand. Steve got married to Kathy Gerrity. He is the man who experienced conjugal bliss to its highest degree. So far the couple has not filed for divorce. They have been hooked up for more than twenty five years. The couple has borne three children. His son Peter Doocy also anchors at morning for Fox News. Doocy is active in social networking sites as well. One can easily imagine that how much popularity he must have gained ?, When every now and then Doocy’s fans rush to respond his tweets. He is largely followed on Twitter and Facebook. Steve is highly valued by his admirers. Anyone who is interested to know more about him can obtain his biography via Wiki and the official site of Fox News. At the moment Steve resides in Wyckoff in New Jersey with his wife and children.