The world has been blessed with a gift in the form of a brilliant scientist called Stephen Hawking whose discoveries has changed the world. Let us take a look at the life of this renowned physicist.

Stephen Hawking is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author.

His theoretical prediction that black hole emits radiation (later named “Hawking radiation”) has made him excessively popular.

He is a vigorous supporter of the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

The most surprising fact is that he has survived Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis for 50 years. The disease is usually fatal after 3 years.

He has been completely paralyzed and has been using a wheelchair since his twenties.

Only few remain in the world who do not recognize Hawking but did you know these surprising facts about him.

Born on historical day

Stephen Hawking was born on 8th January, 1942, in Oxford, United Kingdom.

The day was the 300th death anniversary of astronomer and physicist, Galileo Galilei.

Appeared in various TV series

The physicist lent the voice of his famous voice synthesizer for an animated version of himself on “The Simpsons” and on Pink Floyd’s song, Keep Talking.

He also had guest appearance on hit sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, and Star Trek Next Generation.

Received mediocre grades in school

We know Hawking as a brilliant mind these days but the fact that he had poor grades during school has shocked us.

In fact, he was ranked the worst student in his class when he was 9 but was nicknamed ‘Einstein’ for his interest in learning how stuff worked.

Took Zero-gravity flight

In 2007, he got to take a ride of a lifetime where he experienced zero-gravity, and floated out of his wheelchair for the first time in 4 decades.

Most interesting about this is that he took the flight to save the future of the human race.

Lost a bet on black holes

In 2004, Hawking admitted he had been wrong and conceded a bet he made about black holes in 1997 with American physicist, John Preskill.

He later agreed to an idea that ‘information can escape from black holes, thus not breaking the law of quantum mechanics.”

Was a member of the Oxford Rowing team

Hawking was socially awkward when he joined Oxford to study physics and joined the college rowing team to avoid boredom.

He soon became popular in the college after he was given the job of a coxswain, a person who controls the direction of boat.

Married and divorced twice

In 1964, he got engaged to Jane Wilde, whom he met at the Cambridge before he was diagnosed with the motor neuron disease.

The couple welcomed three children: sons, Robert and Timothy and daughter Lucy while they were married from 1965 to 1995.

His second wife was one of his nurses, Elaine Mason, with whom he was married from 1995 to 2006.

Is a Children book author

One of the most unexpected facts of Hawking’s resume is that he is a children’s book author.

In 2007, he and his daughter Lucy, co-authored ‘George’s Secret Key to the Universe’, and other three books were released in later years.

Believes in the possibility of aliens

During NASA’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2008, Hawking expressed his views about possibility of primitive and other intelligent life in this vast universe.

He said, “Primitive life is very common and intelligent life is very rare.”

Aversion to Biology

Stephen had liking to mathematics from an early age but thought biology as ‘too inexact and too descriptive subject.’ However, his father hoped he would study medicine.

He chose physics as a major, as Oxford didn’t have mathematics as a major at the time.

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