Star Jones, originally called as Starlet Marie Jones, is a far-famed American media personality. In fact Jones has left an impression as versatile figure. Jones has a great reputation as a journalist, lawyer, author and television personality. She has served as a host and reporter for different television show. Jones is widely known for her distinct contribution as a co-host of the show ‘The View’. From 1997 to 2006, Star hosted an ABC morning talk show ‘The View’. The show was a big hit, it was then many people started to keep an eye on her. She is now at the age of fifty one, even at this stage of life she is contributing with competence. Jones is of African-American ethnic group.

On March 24, 1962, Star Jones was born of mother Shirley Jones in Badin, North Carolina. She was given a name Starlet Marie Jones at her birth. She was looked after by her grandmother for the first six years of her life whom she always adores for her warm love. By then in 1969 she went to Trenton, New Jersey where she started to live with her mother and stepfather James Byard who was by profession a municipal security chief. Her childhood was not so much favorable because her family was financially in critical situation. She received her early education in the teeth of the financial disaster. It seems Jones was born to be a great media personality as she was accustomed to oratory since from her early childhood. It was a subject which she learned without being taught. She attended the American University for her further education, from where she collected a B. A degree in Administration of Justice. In 1986, she earned J.D. Degree  joining the University of Houston Law Center.

In 1986 She embarked on her professional career as a prosecuting attorney for the Kings County District Attorney’s Office which was situated in Brooklyn, New York. There she honed her ability to present reasons and argument. She entangled in many such cases which were marked by arousing controversy. While working on behalf of Kings County, she dealt with many notorious cases which eventually dragged her into controversy. An instance of such case includes the prosecution of a teen who shot another boy on the ground. In 1991 NBC affiliate CourtTV sought to employ her as a legal correspondent. Subsequently she contributed as a judicial corresponded to NBC’s show ‘Today’ and ‘NBC Nightly News’. Apart from that she served as senior legal analyst on Inside Edition. Jones was also a first Black American who hosted her own show entitled ‘Country show’ and ‘Jones and Jury’.

Jones has also authored two books entitled ‘You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything’ and ‘Shine: A physical, Emotional and Spiritual Journey to find Love’. Her autobiographical essays became bestseller soon it was published.

Although she is a high profile figure but Jones has not set freed herself from controversy and disputes. A landscaping company has instituted a legal proceeding against her. She was also pulled in dispute and controversy with Peta, Detroit, Rosie and many others.

Directing attention to her personal life, in November 13, 2004 she tied a marital knot with Al Reynolds . It was a grand wedding in the middle of much publicity. The wedding caught the attention of many media houses and the general public but alas the couple remained together only for four years. On march 9, 2008 the pair decided to divorce. Her ex-husband by profession was an investment banker. Talking more about her trivial matter, Jones owns a net worth of approximately $ 18.5 million. Jones has achieved a success that is beyond measure. More interesting and fascinating facts concerning Star Jones can be found on the Wiki and official sites touching her. Jones is also active in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.