Hot and sensationally beautiful lady with gorgeous looks, super fine personality and gifted abilities and talents, Silvia Giurca is a Romanian who has been serving as fashion and runway model. Superhot, Silvia has a perfect body which has been the heartthrob of millions of people all around the world. Not all of the people are gifted with talent and beauty that Silvia Giurca packs under her bags. A woman who has been able to establish herself as one of the greatest models in the vast world of fashion, Giurca has an incredible fashion sense and sagacity.   

Silvia Giurca was born in the year 1993 in Romani and often lives in New York in present days. She has been associated in NYC with New York Models. Her mother too serves in a fashion world as she has been serving as a MRA Models Agency in Bucharest. Silvia an astonishing model is often signified in Milan by Major. 21 years aged sizzling hot lady Silvia Giurca today stands in that height of success that no other can even imagine without hard work and dedication of years and years. Her dedication and determination towards her profession holds the credit of success she enjoys today. She is one the hottest and most promising models in the vast and complicated world of fashion.  

Expanding her horizon of success utilizing her abilities and talent she has drawn an irreplaceable place in the world of fashion. The determination of years has made her stand in the social and economic position she is today. She stands as a role model to those people who seek the light of success through dedication and determination. She sets a perfect example than the success holds no other shortcuts than hard work.

Dedicated from her very early days, now she stands as an economically well-established model holding a handsome amount of net worth. The income from her photo shoots and various fashion related works is the major source of her economic prosperity. Her sexy blue eyes and well maintained Ash blonde hair really makes her looks sensational. Her long legs and well maintained body figure builds up a superhot bikini figure. Her captivating eyes are probably the best part of her.  She is a symbol of beauty and intelligence. She has a great career ahead in near future if she carries her works the way she has been doing in present days. She has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches which perfectly suits her personality.

A gifted woman who has been shining in the world of modeling, Silvia Giurca has lot more to show to the world as she is juicy with the drops of talent and ability filled within her. She is one of the rapidly rising models who have been modeling for various international brands and products. As her mother too was associated with the world of fashion it won’t be very wrong to say that Silvia Giurca has modeling and fashion in her genes.  

Challenging her own abilities and expanding her horizon of working, Silvia Giurca has pushed herself to the height of success she stands today through the dedication and hard work of years. She stands as one of the most successful models in the world of modeling. Her fashion sense and her incredible looks really make her a sensational model. Supported by her beautiful face and hot body figure, she is really an astonishing lady with gifted abilities and skills. She has gained decades worth success just as the 21. Her bio isn’t available in wiki but her bio and information relating her various works are available in various other sites. She too can be followed in various social networking sites which will access her fan to know about happenings of her personal and professional life.