Shannon Day was an American silent film actress who appeared in supporting parts in numerous movie productions. Her first film was Cecil B. DeMille's Forbidden Fruit. She also performed on the Broadway stage as a teenager. Although her career did not survive the sound era but, still she has been counted one of the most talented actresses of her time. To date, many sites have not yet concluded her adventurous acting journey in full explicable form. In the course, even Wikipedia has mentioned few details about her by now. Shannon was born on August 5, 1896 in New York City. Due to lack of further information about her childhood, media has been unable to summarize anything particular about her in social site. But, on according to some sources, it is believed that she had completed her education from same place and also had spent quality time of her childhood at the same place. Shannon died on February 24, 1977 at the age of 81 years.

It hasn’t been noted the exact date of her career startup, but her first motion picture was released in 1921 as Forbidden Fruit. Afterwards her first film, she had been followed by numerous films. She had been both bit parts and some with a little more meat to them. She was never to establish herself among the big names of the time however. Although she had been counted as a talented actress of her time but she never found willing to establish herself among the big names of her time. She was happy for being part of little popularity. Shannon retired from films after she appeared in HOTEL VARIETY in 1933. She had been in a total of 29 motion pictures. On February 24, 1977, Shannon died in the city of her birth at the age of 80.

Talking about her personality, she had been counted as one of the most elegant actresses of her time. She was famous for her bold personality which she used to represent in front of media spotlight. Her graceful beauty had no measure with other actresses. She had collected huge mass of fan with help of her charming nature and acting skill. The way she used to portray herself in screen was one of the most attractive factors about her. Once in an interview she had made a statement saying, “If a person ruminates upon their lives after experiencing cinema, placing themselves in a characters’ role, and finding a piece of themselves within the story, then I have done my job.  Cinema is the art of reflection”.

There is no further information available about her personal life, as she was enjoying her fame even at short level, she never found willing to share her private life with media. As a result her huge mass of fans are still dwelling in various pathways to know about her in detail. She had spent only a decade in acting line but still she has been famous even at present time with great level of appreciation. After she retired from acting, she was fully concentrated in her family. She preferred to live her life with full satisfaction. After her retirement, she spent her whole life serving to her family. Of course, she lived her life at fullest. As she is already dead, there is no any direct way to know about her in personal. Her fans and followers are looking forward to know about her in detail. If anyone could get information from her family member, but the option is itself closed as she never said anything about her family. Perhaps she didn’t like to let other know about her family. To date many biographic sites hasn’t included her life events in well explicable form as her profile has maximum searches with compare to other personalities. Her fans are still wondering to know more about her in detail.