A very famous and legendary singer, Serge Gainsbourg was a French singer. He was born on 2nd April of 1928. His nationality is French. He was born in the capital city of France, Paris. His born name is Lucien Gainsbourge. He was professionally a poet, songwriter, singer, musician, actor, director and artist. He has given so many beautiful and heart touching songs to his audience. Joseph Ginsburg and Olga were his parents. He has 2 siblings.  His father is also one of the music trainer. He wants his son Serge Gainsbourg to be a famous musician. Affected by his father inspiration and his hard work, he is able to be in this very successful position. 

Serge Gainsbourg was a very talented and ambitious person. He sang many songs. Serge generally sang French rock, new wave, Jazz, French pop songs. He was also a very good musician. He starts his career from his early age. Struggling for so many years, he finally get the success in the year 1965 by his song named Poupée de cire, poupée de son. This song highlighted his career and also able to win the prize. This song is also translated in British language. He had also given his vocal in the song Les Sucettes which was not liked by many peoples. People thinks that it is a double meaning song which emphasize oral sex. He has introduces many songs and albums to his audience. Some of his songs come in the controversy and some became the super hit song. At the final years of his career, he shows his appearance in many television series. He also used to drink a lot. Because of this alcoholism, he has also faced liver problems. In his whole life, he faced so many controversies. Except this he is also a very good musician. He can play piano, bass, guitar, Clavinet, harmonica and different others instrument. He also plays in many films and television shows. He show his versatility on directing, writing and composing also. He directed many movies and also compose films and television shows. He has also written a novel named Evguénie Sokolov. He has so many music albums, live albums, single songs, edition, and songs written for other artist, studio album, films etc. his songs and his works has get the historical and memorable position today. He is also known as Julien Grix and Gainsbarre.

Serge got married three times in his life. At first he tied knot in marital relation with Lize Levitsky on the date 3 November 1951 and separated in the year 1957. Then he got married to Beatrice on 28th July 1931. This relationship also do not long last and finally divorced in the year 1966. He has 2 children from his second marriage. Again he got married to a lady named Bombou. This couple has one child named Lucien. It is also came to know that he is also in relationship with the Jane Birkin. She also has one daughter name Charlotte Gainsbourg. She left him after the relationship of 13 years.

This versatile and very talented artist leave this world in the year 1991 on 2nd March. France has lose one of the most talented artist in that day. He died of heart attack. He take the French art to the very height and recognize to the world. He has taken an irreplaceable place in the history of French artist. He has earned name, fame and money from this profession. He has also win the heart of millions of fans. Starting his career from the simple songs from the year 1957, he lasted in 1991. His fans labels him as a mercury and universe. He left us at the early age of 62. His fans and followers made his pages in his memory. He was buried in the Montparnasse Cemetery located in Paris. His contribution can never be forgotten.