Serenay Sarikaya Biography is the Miss Turkey Universe 2010 titleholder, professional model and actress from Ankara. She first appeared in the movie Saskin (Silly) in 2006. She had competed in the national beauty contest of Miss Turkey on 1st April 2010, representing the National Capital, Ankara. She was placed as the Runner-up to the eventual winner, Gizem Memiç, representing Gaziantep. Serenay had accepted the crown and title of Miss Turkey Universe 2010 from last year's Miss Turkey Universe/1st Runner-up, Senem Kuyucuo?lu. 23 years old Serenay has eye dazzling personality as a model and an actress. Her flawless personality has been regarded as most efficient personalities hold by any model of same line.

Serenay was born on July 1st, 1991 in Ankara, Turkey. Due to lack of further information about her childhood, media has been unable to summarize anything particular about her in social site. But, on according to some sources, it is believed that she had completed her education from same place and also had spent quality time of her childhood at the same place.

She first appeared in the movie Saskin (Silly) in 2006. However, her real film career started in 2008, when she was sixteen, with the movie Plajda (On the beach). That same year she played in tv series Peri Masal? (Fairytale), Adanal? and Limon A?aç? (Lemon Tree).Two years later she starred in a popular Turkish tv series Lale devri (The Tulip Age). In the series, she played Ye?im, who fell in love with Ç?nar (Tolgahan Say??man), husband of her sister Lale. When Lale dies, Ye?im finally starts a relationship with Ç?nar. But Ç?nar gets married to Toprak (Selen Soyder) and fell in love with her. In 2011, during the series, Serenay started to go out with her serial partner Tolgahan and they were a famous Turkish couple for a long time. However, they broke up and Tolgahan found a new love – Selen Soyder alias Toprak from Lale Devri! As for Serenay's professional career, she totally became a star thank to Medcezir, where she plays the main character together with Ça?atay Ulusoy. This year she played in the movie Behzat Ç. Ankara yan?yor. By the way, Serenay is 1,75 m tall and has plastic surgery of breast. Besides acting and modelling, Serenay is very good at singing (in Lale devri she performed twice with the songs Tek Ba?ina and Yaln?zl?k Senfonisi and in Medcezir with the songs Yaz, yaz, yaz; Ah Bu Ben and Senden Daha Güzel together with Ça?atay, ?syan, Medcezir, Masum De?iliz).

Serenay accepted the crown and title of Miss Turkey Universe 2010 from last year's Miss Turkey Universe/1st Runner-up, Senem Kuyucuo?lu. Instead of Sar?kaya, Turkey sent Miss Turkey World 2010 Gizem Memiç to Miss Universe 2010 beauty pageant, because its Miss Universe 2010, Serenay Sar?kaya, was below 18 and did not meet the age requirement. She also competed in a beauty competition for teenagers in Prague, Czech Republic, representing Turkey, and held the third runner-up title and "Special Award" by the jury. She is also known for her outstanding portraying Mira Beylice on the Star TV series Medcezir and Yesim Taskiran on the Fox TV series Lale Devri.

Talking about her personality, she has been counted as one of the most elegant actresses and models of present time. She is famous for her bold personality which she uses to represent in front of media spotlight. Her graceful beauty has no measure with other actresses. She has collected huge mass of fan with help of her charming nature and acting skill. The way she uses to portray herself in screen is one of the most attractive factors about her.

The gorgeous model and actress has not got married to anyone yet. But she has been in the limelight of media with her juicy link ups. She has dated many good looking boys. Serenay was in a serious relationship with Tolgahan Sayisman for two years. After that she was seen dating with Pamir Pekin and Cagtay Ulusoy. She is believed to be single at the present time. There is no further information available about her personal life, as she was enjoying her fame even at short level, she never found willing to share her private life with media. As a result her huge mass of fans are still dwelling in various pathways to know about her in detail. She had spent only a decade in acting line but still she has been famous even at present time with great level of appreciation.