Sean Penn was born on 17th August, 1960 who is an American actor, film director, a screenwriter, an activist and also a politician. He grew up in LA, California where he was born, his parents had some filmy background as his father, Leo Penn was an actor and a director while his mother Eileen Ryan was an actress. He has an older brother, Michael Penn who is a musician while his younger brother, Chris Penn was also an actor who died in the year of 2006. In his childhood times he used to go Santa Monica High School. He started making short movie with his friends in his early times with his childhood friends like Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen who are also actors.

His father had directed some of the episodes of Little House on the Prairie and he got a chance to appear in the episodes which was telecasted in 1974. He started his filming career with Taps which was released in 1981 and listed as action drama. He did a role of a high school cadet. In 1975 he made an appearance in the comedy movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High in the role of Jeff Spicoli. The comedy movie was a great hit and made him an young icon at that time. In the year of 1985 he did a film The Falcon and the Snowman where he casted Andrew Daulton Lee which was based on a true criminal case. Andrew was a former drug dealer and Penn later made him his personal assistant. Penn got nominated for Academy Award for the Best Actor five times and won the award two times. Dead Man Walking which was released in 1995 helped him earn the award as he played the role of a racist murderer. He was invited to enroll in Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the year 2004. The same year he had also done a movie The Assassination of Richard Nixon. There had also been some unsuccessful times for Penn when he did All the King’s Men. The movie was also regarded as the biggest flop movie which was done by the Forbes in 2010. His recently acted movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was praised by the critics which was released in 2013. He had also done a movie in 2014 which is named The Gunman. He has also been active in the political field as he has supported different political issues and social causes too. During December 2002 he went to Iraq to stand up against the attack plans which were amended by Bush. He had also done some praiseworthy deeds where he was physically involved in rescuing the victims who had been devastated in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is also believed that he had played a great role in releasing Jacob Ostreicher from the Bolivian prison. Ostreicher is an American enterpreneur.

There had been many alter in his relationship life as he was first engaged to Elizabeth McGovern. Elizabeth was his co-star in Racing with the Moon. Later he got married to the queen of pop, Madonna in 1985. Due to some domestic assault the couple got divorced in 1989. After getting divorced he began to date Robin Wright and had their first child, Dylan Frances who was born in 1991. They got their second child, Hopper Jack. The couple got married in 1997 27th April. They used to live in Ross, California. They filed for divorce in the year 2007 during the month of July and got finally divorced on 22nd July 2010. Recently it is reported that he has been dating actress Charlie Theron since June. Sean has been one of the most active person in his field where he is also involved in different political activities making him a multi-dynamic person.