Sean Patrick Maloney is one of the respected and famous American politicians who were born on July 30, 1966. He was born in Canada, Quebec. His birth place is Sherbrook. His nationality is American. His father works in a Lumberjack. Sean Patrick Maloney has six brothers and sisters. He gets his higher education from University of Virginia in the year 1988. He has also joined the University Of Virginia School Of Law. He has maintained his good image as a very delightful and strong leader in America. He is professionally an Attorney. He is now living in the very beautiful place of New York named cold spring.

Sean Patrick Maloney maintained a very good personality. His ethnicity is white. He has white complexion of face. He is averagely built up and has short brown hair. He is well dressed and have a very gentleman looks. He has dark brown eyes. He has a very good height and has slim body. He has a very good skill and abilities of leading. He has a very strong voice. His strong and inspirational voice attracts many of his supporters. Sean Patrick Maloney follows Roman Catholic religion.

Sean Patrick Maloney has starts his career from the very beginning. He has struggle many years in politics and finally reached to the top and reputed position. He is one of the members of Democratic political party. He also has worked in the Clinton association from his early age. He worked there as a senior advisor in the party. Then he became the member of Attorney General Election in the year 2006. He fights for the rights of Gay and lesbian, when he was in this position. He was also the representative of Clinton who went to the funeral of Matthew Shepard. He also became the advisor of Secretary to the Governor in the year 2007. He also worked with the top advisor Rich Baum. Sean Patrick Maloney has worked in many committees. He worked in many assignments topics like Agriculture, Transportation and Infrastructure etc. He was preceded by Nita Lowey to be the member of the U.S House of Representatives from the New York’s 18th district. For the White House staff Secretary Phillip M. Caplan preceded him. Then after, he was succeeded by Lisel Loy. Expanding his hard work and horizon of success utilizing his abilities and talent he has reached to the irreplaceable place in the world of politics. The determination of years has finally made him to stand in the social and economic position where he wants to come. He became a role model to those people who wants the light of success through dedication and determination and by their hard work. He gives a perfect example than the success holds no other success than hard work and determination of years. Working from her very early days, now he is able to stands as an economically well-established person. He has maintained his good image in politics. He is able to write his name in American politics.

Moving towards his personal life biography, Sean is a married man. He got married to Randy Florke. They get married in the year 1992. They were engaged on Christmas day.This couple has three beautiful children. They all are adopted. His wife worked as an interior decorator in the Magazine named Oprah’s magazine. 

Sean Patrick Maloney has earned millions of dollars in his career. His exact net worth hasn’t been published yet but he has earns minimum $126,017 and maximum $1,969,994 dollars. He has millions of fans and supporter. Because of his hard work and his ability of work, he has won the heart of millions of fans. We can follow his in different social networking sites. His fans pages are also available in Facebook and other sites. His more info and bio can also obtain from wiki. He has taken an irreplaceable place in American politics.