Savannah Guthrie, an Australian born American citizen is a broadcast journalist for NBC News Network.  On December 27, 1971 she was born as Savannah Clark Guthrie in Melbourne, Australia. Her parent gave her this name in the memory of Savannah’s great grandmother. Currently Savannah is affiliated with NBC News channel and is primarily known as a news correspondent and legal analyst for the network. Basically she is known for her contribution as a White House Correspondent, Co-anchor of the show ‘The Daily Run Down’. At the moment she is running at the age of forty one. This internationally acclaimed news anchor has proved herself as one of the capable and well qualified journalist of the network. Savannah’s stunningly beautiful face glamorizes the show whenever she appears on screen. Guthrie possesses a beautiful and shiny leg and feet, it adds glamor to her show. For sure her ravishing beauty catches the attention of a large number of viewers. When it comes to her success, she has always regarded her mother as the greatest source of inspiration.

Though Savannah was born in Melbourne but she spent her childhood in Arizona, United States as her family moved there when she was just two years old. Her father was a mining engineer and her mother a housewife. Guthrie was one of the three children. As a child she had a profound passion for the music. So she taught herself to play piano. At the age of 16, Guthrie lost her father. Due to the untimely demise of her father, Guthrie’s Mother went out to work.

Guthrie had attended the Amphitheater High School. By then she went to the University of Arizona, where she did complete her graduation majoring in Journalism.  During her college days she had been associated with the Pi Beta Phi Society. She began her on camera career in 1993 working for local television station KMIZ which was located in Columbia, Missouri. After serving for two years she departed from KMIZ station to join NBC Network in Tuscon. In Tucson, Arizona, she worked in broadcasting for five years. Later Guthrie was offered a job at WRC-TV, another NBC affiliated channel in Washington, D.C. On September 11, 2001 Savannah reported a story of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon from the debris of the building. It was a time then she got the attention of millions of viewers.

While serving as a broadcast journalist Guthrie turned her interest to take up her advanced education. She attended Georgetown University Law Center from where she received a degree in Law. In 2004 she was linked with CourtTV, where she contributed as a national trial correspondent. She reported a story of many high profile people’s judicial proceeding. Guthrie became a part of the NBC news channel in September 2007. Since then she has reported major breaking news for the NBC news network.     

In 2005 while Guthrie was reporting the trial of Pop King Michael Jackson. There she encountered with Mark Orchard, BBC News Presenter. Subsequently, she tied a marital knot with him. However their marriage did not last for a long period. After a period of four years, the pair filed for divorce and eventually separated. Later she chanced upon Michael Feldman, a Democratic political consultant. They hooked up amorously for a while but again their affair dissolved. Perhaps she must be now dating with someone but any source has not revealed valid information so far. Though she has failed to keep up permanent relation but in her career fortune has always turned in her favor. Savannah’s net worth is estimated to be about $ 2 million and her salary is $ 500,000 per annum. Her photos are circularized all over the web and sometime rumors and hoaxes scatter about her as well. Her biographical details can also be found on the Wiki and official sites mentioning her. At the moment Savannah is single. She has not born any children yet. Currently Guthrie resides in Manhattan.