Sarah Wynter is an Australian actress as for her major and life-long profession. She has been most widely known for her numerous roles on American television, such as Kate Warner on the television drama 24 and as Beth on Windfall. As an actress, she is also known for her other movies as like, The 6th Day (2000), 24 (2001) and Lost Souls (2000).

At present she is a married woman with three children but still charm on her face has not yet faded even at negligible amount with compare to other actresses of same line. She has been married to Dan Peres since August 20, 2005 and by now they have three children in their family. To date, only some of the biographic sites have succeeded to summarize her entire life events in well explicable form. In the course, even Wikipedia has mentioned few details about her by now.

Turning back to her early life before entering in acting line, Sarah was born in February 15, 1973 in Newcastle, Australia as a daughter of Helen Cummings. Her mother Helen was a worker in the Newcastle registry of the Family Court of Australia and then also a fine author. Her father Lord Wynter was a physician by profession. Her grandmother, the late Joy Cummings, was the Lord Mayor of Newcastle – Australia's first female Lord Mayor. There is a miserable incident about her father who had killed his second wife and Sarah’s half-sister before killing himself. The reason behind such sad event has not yet clarified by any sources till date.

Sarah entered in acting line when she was just 17 years old. She had a great interest in acting for which she had moved to New York City to study drama. Her first launch in acting line was from television platform. It is said that Wynter earned her SAG card by landing a role on the Sex and the City pilot, playing what she later summarized as the first woman to have sex on that show. And then after few years later, she was recognized by SAG again, as part of the second season cast of 24 when it earned a SAG Award nomination as Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. She has also played Kate Warner and appeared in all 24 episodes, plus the third season premiere and she provided her voice for 24: The Game. Beside that she also had a recurring role in The Dead Zone and starred in the series Windfall in 2006. In 2009, Sarah appeared in an episode of the second season of Flight of the Conchords as the Australian girlfriend of Jemaine named "Keitha." Sarah Wynter has signed on to Damages in a recurring role. She will play a mysterious security specialist who helps a shady attorney (new series regular Martin Short) keep a wealthy family's secrets. She also guest starred in the episode "Identity Crisis" in the first season of Person of Interest, and is currently appearing in Californication.

The beautiful actress has also played remarkable roles in film acting line as well. Her first movie was Species 2 as a fiancée of the infected astronaut. Wynter appeared in The 6th Day alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lost Souls with Winona Ryder as well as numerous independent movies such as Shooting Livien. Her Australian feature film debut Three Dollars, was released in 2005. Additionally, she was also casted as Daisy Adiar in Dead Like Me: Life After Death, the straight-to-DVD movie version of Showtime TV series Dead Like Me, replacing Laura Harris who had played her sister on 24. Her next film called Bride of the Wind has been one of the unforgettable films of her list, in the movie Australian director Bruce Beresford cast Wynter as the lead. The film was a notable flop both commercially and critically. Later she retired from film acting line and focused in her family. Her fans can follow her on twitter @sarahelizwinter.