Sarah Laurene Jackson is a well-known Canadian actress for the big and small screen and model. She debuted into the big screen with the mystery thriller Dark Reprieve and is also known for her role as Miss Carrington in the movie The Dogfather.

She is among those celebrities who like to live a low key life. Due to her nature, she has kept most information regarding her, under the wraps. There is no information about when and where she was born, her family and early life. Likewise, her educational background and her career have been kept a secret.

In her career she has worked for both the films and television. Her popular films include the mystery thriller Dark Reprieve and The Dogfather. Besides that, the Canadian television audiences know her for the show Deal or No Deal Canada, which is the Canadian-English version of the show Deal or No Deal. She was one of the case models in the show. She isn’t being seen much after the show. She may be busy in some projects or may also have taken hiatus from the entertainment world altogether. There is barely any work of her as a model as she hasn’t done or appeared in any modeling assignments. She seems to have vanished and there is no recent information about her in any of the major and credible sites.

Sarah prefers to keep her personal live under cover. She has not yet revealed any of her past relationships. Also it is hard to know if she has been dating anyone or has a boyfriend. Her relationship status is not clear. Also whether she is married or ever had a divorce is also not known. When it comes to her private life she likes to stay tight lipped about it. Some rumors come flying down about her relationships but she makes no comment about it and leaves it to be speculated by the media and people. She seems to be focusing much on her professional life that she has little or no time left for her personal life. However, her fans would love to see her getting married to the love of her life.

Jackson is not only talented, she is equally beautiful. She has an average height and balances her height with a matching weight. She has a sensual body serves as an example of a banana or rectangle shaped figure with flat belly and smaller breasts and hips. Considering her discreet attitude, not much has been revealed about her nature. She barely attends any of the public events and so it is very hard to follow her on the media. She prefers keeping herself away from the public eye and does not want to make a public spectacle of herself. Despite her celebrity status, she has remained mysterious. The sensual beauty has dark brown colored hair with a perfectly matching set of brown penetrating eyes. With a rough calculation, she must be in her late twenties or early thirties but definitely looks much younger than her age. There hasn’t been even a single detailed full biography of hers mostly because there is nothing to write about. Even the wiki has no information on her. Her hard work into the industry has made her famous and fortunate. The actress has a good number of followers and admirers all over the world.  To keep up with her low key status, she is not even active in popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Her fans definitely do not like that and wish that she was more open about herself and are hoping for her gradual return to the entertainment industry. We wish her all the best and would love to see more of her in the days to come.