Sensational woman and an astonishing singer, Sarah Borges sketched her name as one of the most talented and promising singers in the present music industry. Her contributions to the music industry can never be overlooked. Her originality carries her to Taunton, Massachusetts, United States. She is one of the best known artists of Alternative Country music genre.

She has been serving her profession with great dedication and hard work since the year 2004. And in this time period she has established herself through her work and strength of mind and character. She has been labeled to famous Sugar Hill Records.  Her music belonging to Alternative Country has been appreciated by the people and critics all around the world. Sarah Borges was named Sarah Jones in her birth is well known as Sarah Borges on and off her work. She has been part of various music albums but her well known work like Silver City, The Stars are Out holds the credit of her social and economic prosperity. 

Her music stands in the boundary between punk and country so her works are often said to be “fine line between punk and country”. Discography of Sarah Borges: Silver City of the year 2005 labeled with Blue Corn Music, Diamonds in the Dark of 2007 labeled with Sugar Hill Records, The Stars Are Out of 2009 labeled with Sugar Hill Records, Live Singles of 2010, Radio Sweetheart of 2013 labeled to Modern Trick. Expanding her horizon of success utilizing her abilities and talent she has drawn an irreplaceable place in the world of music.

The determination of years has made her stand in the social and economic position she is today. She stands as a role model to those people who seek the light of success through dedication and determination. She sets a perfect example than the success holds no other shortcuts than hard work.

Dedicated from her very early days, now she stands as an economically well-established singer holding a very handsome amount of net worth. There are various songs belonging to various albums of Sarah and some of them to be mentioned are: Think of What You’ve Done, All This Weight, Open Up Your Back Door of 2007, Stop and Think It Over of 2007, Daniel Lee