A young girl quite different in her behavior not fond of dolls and Barbie much inclined towards physical sports has grown up into a sports crazy and today she is famous as the ESPN sportscaster, Sara Walsh. Sara has stood still throughout her career in a sector dominated by male, to make her strong recognition in the sports world. She had always wanted to devote herself in sports, she has now witnessed her dream come true.

Sara was born on April 12, 1978 as first child to John and Wendy Walsh. John, a sport fanatic person , enjoyed watching sports game on TV and his daughter followed him. She grew up in such environment in Tampa Bay area, playing with neighborhood boys. She was excellent in multiple sports displaying skills in soccer, volleyball and track events. She graduated from Gulf High School and received a soccer scholarship at University of North Florida. Walsh then concentrated on soccer. The school records for goals and points in a game are still under her name. Upon graduation from UNF she began chasing her dream.

She started her career as a sports writer for the Beaches Leader Newspaper in Jacksonville. After that she was given the role of Sports Director at WPGA in Georgia. She has memorable experience of working at WKRN in Nashville where she won four Regional Emmy Awards. Wandering through various places she stopped at WUSA-TV in Washington DC landing up with the role of weekend sports anchor, also covering Redskins reports. An audition tape sent to ESPN in 2010 impressed them and she became their new Sports broadcaster. She currently SportsCenter anchor and has hosted other programs including SportsNation, First Take and NFL Live earlier on.

Her passion for sports from an early age and hard work has paid the price off eventually. She has travelled a long distance in the uncommon career for females. Unlike other female anchors she accomplished the great height standing on the base of her knowledge on sports rather than her appearance. However she is aware of essence of appearing smart on-screen. She grooms herself smartly hiding her flaunts. She looks awesome in her tight fitted skirts exposing her long legs and stunning feet in an elegant manner. She has got a perfectly built body thanks to her athletic activities. She has got a moderate height of five feet five inch.

Much is unknown about her private life, as she likes to live a low profile life. She never talks about her personal life on media. She hasn’t married yet. But every possibility exists of her dating with her boyfriend as she deserves to be liked by many guys. Her fans admire her when she appears on screen. They can follow her on Twitter. Detailed information on her and her bio can be obtained from different websites including wiki.