Stand-up comedian, Samuel J. Comroe has paved his way to the Top 10 list of America’s Got Talent season 13. Since the inception of AGT in 2006, a variety of acts has won the $1m prize money, mostly singers, but comedians are yet to win the talent show. Standing as one of the strongest contenders to win the show, Samuel is likely to make history as the first ever stand-up comedian to win the show. Here we are with the facts that you need to know about one of the Top 10 finalists of AGT 2018.

1. Tourette’s Syndrome and Bullies

The California native impressed judges and the audience during his audition with jokes about Tourette’s Syndrome, of which he was diagnosed at the age of 6. The disease exhibits in the form of blinking and facial twitching in Samuel due to which he faced constant taunts from bullies. In a recent phone interview with AXS, he shared, “The bullying happened so much that at a certain point I started making fun of the bullies or I’d joke about my own Tourette’s and I’d do self-deprecating humor in front of a group where I was getting bullied.”

2. First Performance

As a comedian, he “admire anybody who gets up on stage to do stand-up,” but Dave Chappelle was the one to inspire him to give stand-up a go. At the age of 17, he got a chance to perform a 20-minute set at Canoga Park High School during lunch after convincing his principal. His father, who was also interested in stand-up, prepared jokes for him. However, he later knew that he was performing Rodney Dangerfield’s gags.

3. TV Gigs

He unwittingly scored a chance to appear on Conan in November 2012 after his friend submitted a video without his knowledge. This Just Sayin’ app contest winner has also appeared on BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood and All Def Digital’s Comedy Originals. 

4. YouTube Channel

Besides his several TV and stand-up gigs, Samuel has been running a YouTube channel since August 1, 2010. So far, he has amassed over 48k subscribers, which is likely to mount up after his stint in America’s Got Talent.

5. Family Man

The 30 years old humorist is married to illustrator Alfe Azad, and more recently, they have welcomed a baby girl, Zaina. While talking about how being a dad has changed his life, he replied, “Stand-up comedy is sometimes a selfish career because it’s just you on stage. It’s your own business. Now that I have a beautiful daughter it’s all about her.”