Sami Uusitalo is one of the versatile and evergreen bass guitarists. He was born in the year 1977. He belongs to Finland. He is a very famous and well known artist of Finland. Sami is also known as Tundra. It is his nickname. He is a very talented guitarist. Sami was a band member of the band Finntroll. He is also engaged in the band name Funeral doom. This band is also known as Funeral of Despair.

Sami is professionally a guitarist of folk metal. He is one of the legends of the metal songs. He has given many metal songs to the people. Sami Uusitalo is a very good metal singer as well as bass guitarist. He is strongly built up and has a long thick hair. He has a very rough face. He has white complexion of face. He used to wear black color dress. He also has long beard. Sami likes to be a very rough. He has black color curly hair. He also has black eyes. Sami loves singing and playing guitar. He spends his most of the time by playing guitar and composing songs. He is also a songwriter. He loves his guitar very much. Sami is professionally a bass guitar player.

Sami Uusitalo started his career from the very beginning. He is fond of singing and playing guitarist. He struggled for so many years. His hard work and his skills made him a very successful guitarist. People love his skills and talent. Sami Uusitalo has given many songs to his audience. His skill and ability helps to win the heart of many fans and followers. He is one of the famous bass guitarists. Many newcomers follow his style and his skills. He has earned millions of dollars by his profession. He also earned name as well as fame from this profession. He has given so heart touching songs to his audience like We found love, betrayed, freedom, wildness and satire. He has also composed Unohdettu Kieli in the year 2014. This song is written by Marek Peltomaa. His net worth has not been published yet. He has created some privacy of his personal life.

Sami has not revealed his married life, affairs and his net worth.  Borden his horizon of success utilizing his abilities and talent he has drawn an irreplaceable place in the world of singing and instrument playing. The determination and struggle of years has made him stand in the social and economic position where he stands today. He became one of the role model to those people who seek the light of success through dedication, determination and hard work. Sami Uusitalo sets a perfect example that the success holds no other than hard work.

Dedicated from her very early days and his struggling period, now he is able to be an economically well-established guitarist and singer. Starting her career with simple and small place he is able to climb up to great height of success just at the age of 37. Adapting his own abilities and broaden his horizon of working, Sami Uusitalo has pushed himself to the height of success where he stands today through the dedication and hard work of years.

Sami Uusitalo stands as one of the most successful singer and guitarist in the world of singing. His singing quality and versatility to serve various compose really makes him a talented guitarist. Supported by his ability and love toward work, Sami Uusitalo is really an astonishing guitarist and singer with gifted abilities and skills.

Uusitalo has gained centuries of worth success just as the 37. Sami Uusitalo has still giving his contribution in the world of singing and musical instruments. Sami Uusitalo has leaved thousands of reasons to remember him. His contribution toward the music and metal can never be overlooked. His fans can follow him on his twitter account @SamiUusitalo.