A very dashing and talented actor, Sam Trammell was born in Louisiana; U.S. His birth place is New Orleans. He was born in 1969 and celebrates his birthday in January 29. He is also known for his famous film role as Sam Merlotte.

Sam Trammell is an American actor with handsome personality and exceptional acting skills. He has completed his high school from George Washington high school which is located in Charleston, West Virginia. He has graduated from University of Paris. He also joined Brown University for his further education. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Trammell is a young handsome and dashing actor of Hollywood. He is slightly built up and has brown color hair. He has long wavy hair. He has made his personality great. Nobody can refuse his dashing personality. He has white complexion of face. He has brown very beautiful eyes. Sam has a good sense of fashion. He generally wears typical American dress up. He used to make short beard. He looks so dashing and macho in this style. He has a very good height of five feet eight inch. He has a very attractive and very sexy body. He shoe size is 11. He has 15 inches biceps and 43 inches chest size. He has weighted 83 kg.

Sam Trammell is a very talented and versatile actor. In the beginning, he faced many troubles and struggles. He never gives up and goes through it. Finally he is able to reach to the height of success. In the beginning, he worked in a theater, Broadway, Off-Broadway. Frown the theater level to the height of Hollywood, his skills and his abilities support him. He had given many super films to the Hollywood. Some of his films are Childhood's End, The Hotel Manor Inn, Wrestling with Alligators, Beat, Fear of Fiction, Autumn in New York, Followers, Undermind, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, The Details, Guns, Girls and Gambling, Crazy Kind of Love, Deadweight, White Rabbit, Me, The Fault in Our Stars, Things People Do etc. his latest film was The Aftermath. This film was released in the year 2014. Sam Trammell never limited in his films. He also has done many TV series. Some of his TV series are House, Strong Medicine, Judging Amy, Bones, CSI: NY, Numbers, Justice, Medium, Children’s Hospital, True blood etc. His Tele films are Harvest of Fire, Anonymous Rex, What If God Were the Sun? , Filthy Sexy Teens. He also has done short films. The Last Full Measure, Miracle of Phill, Children of the spider and The Inn Keeper was his short films. He also worked in Web series in the year 2011. This is titled by Paul the Male Matchmaker. He played the role of Stu in this series.

Adapting his own abilities and expanding the horizon of his working skills, Sam Trammell has pushed himself to the height of success where he stands today. Through the dedication and hard work of years he finally makes himself a very successful star of Hollywood. His acting and versatility to serve various roles really makes him a talented actor.

Sam got married to Missy Yager in the year 2003. They have good relationship. This beautiful couple has 2 very adorable and cute children.

Supported by his awesome and sexy face, he is really an astonishing actor with gifted abilities and skills. He has gained centuries worth success in the very short period of time. He is still showing his contribution in the world of Hollywood. He has leaved thousands of reasons to remember Him. His contribution can never be overlooked. 45 years Sam Trammell has able to earn the popularity as well as millions of dollars. As of 2015, he has earned total net worth amount of $4 million dollars. His yearly salary earning is about $606,061. We can also follow him in different social networking sites like twitter and facebook. His fans can follow him on twitter @SamTrammell.