Samuel Heath Jaegar is an American actor and is also a screen writer. He is famously known for his professional name Sam Jaegar. He was born on the 29th of January in the year 1977. Jaegar was born in Perrysburg in Ohio. He is the son of Charles Jaegar and LeAnne. He has got three elder siblings. He got his graduation from the Perrysburg High School which was in the year 1995 and also in the year 1999 he got another educational achievement which was a bachelors in Fine arts Degree from the Otterbein College where he attended. After he got his graduation he began to work in the casting office which was situated in the city of New York.

About his acting career he began some of his start while he was in the college, he had a cameo role in the television series of Law & Order. The television series was from the production of the New York based production unit. The show was telecasted in the year 1990. He has also given some of his stage acts before he came to the television screen and in the movies. Later Sam moved to the Los Angeles and in the Hollywood to begin his act in the movies. He had wished to be featured in the full length movies. He had his career flourished when he got the role for the movie Traffic. Traffic got released in the year 2000. His career paced up from the role he managed to get in Traffic. His another movie which was released in the year 2001 was titled Behind Enemy Lines. The movie also got him a great spot in the film industry as it was also one of the enhancing factor for his career.  Soon he got to feature with some other great artists in several movies. Sam did the role which was against Colin Farrell and Bruce Willis in the movie Hart’s war. The movie was released in the year 2002 and he had the lead character in the movie. This had to be the best performance of Jeagar in the film industry. He had also appeared in several television series, in the year 2009 he featured in the television series of Parenthood which got telecasted in the year 2010. Sam had got the role of Joel Graham and the show was premiered in the NBC television network. He has appeared in many other television series. One of the renowned show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has also the appearance of Sam where he featured in the episode titled Lucky Strike. His another similar appearance can be seen in the series, NYBD Blue where he appeared in the episode Ties That Band. In the year 2006 he acted in three movies from which S.C.R.E.W.E.D was the short film. The other two movies were Lucky Number Slevin and Catch and Release. Then a year later in 2007 he did a role in Breaking Down Carla. Sam also featured in the television series of Eli Stone which was in the 2008. His regular featured television show has been Parenthood. He worked for Parenthood since the year 2009 and still is in the show. He has appeared in total 88 episodes. Some of his recently featured movies are Miss Dial and Her which was released in the year 2013. He has also acted in American Sniper and in Inherent Vice.

Apart from his acting career he has got quite a good personal life. Sam Jaegar got married to Amber Marie Mellot on the 25th of August in the year 2007. He met his wife, Amber when he was studying at the Otterbein College. The couple has got a son named Gus who was born in the year 2010. Sam has also gota stepdaughter.