Samuel Gerald Jones is a versatile and well known actor of Hollywood film industries. He is one of the most talented personality of Hollywood. This talented actor was born in August 12, 1954. He was born in the beautiful place of Chicago named Illinois. He grew up in Sacramento, California. He gave his best and genuine performance to the Hollywood. He finished his high school in 1972 from the Mira Loma High School located in Sacramento. He married to Lynn Eriks in 1982. Samuel Gerald Jones has two children from Lynn Eriks. Because of the misunderstanding between them, they took divorce. They were together approximately for four years. Currently Samuel Gerald has married to Ramona Lynn Jones. He had three children from her. He has been serving his profession since 1975 to present.

 Samuel Gerald Jones is one of the handsome actor of Hollywood. He is white of ethnicity. He is strongly built up. He has brown hair. He has also a good height. He is 6 feet 3 inch. He has a beautiful and gorgeous eye. He speaks American accent and wear typical American dress. He has a good height and has a wonderful personality. He is able to maintain his body and health. He has a good knowledge of fashion. Because of his personality he is able to win the hearts of his fans.

Jones is a hardworking actor. He starts his career from 1975 when he gets the role of nude centerfold under the name of Andrew Cooper III in the film playgirl. He also shows his appearance in the romantic comedy film. He plays the opposite appearance to Bo Derek. This was also his first film. He is a true actor. In the film Flash Gordon, he dyed his hair blonde. He gave his best in this film. He beat many actors like Kurt Russell and Arnold Schwarzenegge in this film by his best performance. This film helps to broaden his career. These films also help to recognize him as a best title actor of the flash Gordon film. this film able to manage $27.1 million in North America and $22 million in the UK.

He also plays in many films which help him to recognize to the people. His film such as My Chauffeur, Silent Assassins, Driving Force, Jane and the Lost City, American Tigers, Fist of Honor, One Man Force, and White Force. This blockbuster movie helps him to collect many fans. He is able to collect many fans by these films. He also joined many TV serial. He also plays many TV series like code red which was released in 1982. He also plays a guest appearance in many TV shows like The A-Team, Hunter, and Riptide. Except this, he also was in the comic’s character of Will Eisner’s. He was a in the character of The Spirit. He also cast the Animal Planet’s family series Hollywood Safari in 2001. He cast this series as park ranger.

He has pushed himself to the height of success through his abilities and now he stands today through the dedication and hard work of years. He is one of the richest celebrity. He has not published his net worth and his family yet.  He had not mentioned his parents and his family background. He stands as one of the most successful actor in the world of Hollywood. His acting and versatility to serve various roles really makes him a successful actor. He is really an astonishing actor with gifted abilities and skills. He has gained centuries worth success just as the age of 60. He is still able to take the place in million fans.

Many people love him as actor and a good artist. We can follow him in many social networking sites like facebook. His fans have made his fan page and group in facebook. We can also follow him on twitter. His bio and his other info are also available in wiki.