The proficient weather anchor of ABC news channel Samuel James Sam Champion was born on August 13, 1961 in Paducah, Kentucky belonging to an American antecedent. He was the only son of his parents Sylvia and James H. Champion. His father was colonel associated with U.S. Marine Corps and doled out in Vietnam. He took his last breath in year 2010. Sam scuttled his childhood with his sister Teresa.

Taking about his early life, he was sent to Fairfax High School in the year 1979 for his secondary edification. After completing his course there he joined Eastern Kentucky University for further studies. He acquired broadcast news as a major subject and graduated as a B.A. in the subsequent subject. For further lavishing his career, he joined WKYT-TV in Lexington, Kentcky and completed his internship there.

He worked at WABC-TV for several years leading his career towards being a weatherman. Since 1988 he held the position and made remarkable spot as a weatherman correlated with Eyewitness News organized by New York City media produced by WABC-TV. He was offered to carry off his job working full time for the banner and he successfully retained his position with the banner for long time. Generally champion appeared as a whether forecaster every weekday at 5, 6 and 11 pm and later he also presented himself in two renowned newscasts. His ability and interest towards his job made him expert in the field of weather forecasting as he was passionate about his broadcast exertion. He intermittently emerged in WABC –TV’s daily talk live show with the correspondents Kelly and Michael.

Champion later joined the ABC Corporation, where he started developing his economic status. He recently works for ABC’s Good Morning America as a weather forecaster. He made his appearance along with Diane Sawyer in one of the series of World News and he also unveiled as a correspondent for Sea Rescue- the bizarre show that is based on the escape, salvage, release, treatment of animals and sending back to their habitant. He served as an anchor, weather forecaster for ABC for long period and he made his presence in every show he presented with his famous beginning statement “Let’s get to the boards”.

Champion got involve in many altruistic causes as he served and helped the needy ones. Holding many valuable positions like being a chairperson of 25th yearly March of Dimes NYC WalkAmerica and master of ritual for promoting “Stopping AIDS Together” he had also contributed his willing and thought of huge assemble of Multiple Sclerosis Society Fall Bike Tour. Besides these tasks, he also became a co host opposite to film critic Frank DeCaro presenting the “Courage Awards” in the year 2002.

Sam’s personal life was as attention-grabbing as it could be as concerning about his health issues. He went under surgical treatment related to a skin cancer and other many menace disease. He was been pulled down and targeted towards the controversy of being a gay and riveting in a homosexual rapport. But he sturdily took up this situation and publicized that he was engaged with his partner Rubem Robierb. Right after this announcement, within couple of months they got married on 21 December, 2012.

Sam’s competence nature and devotion towards his work and affection towards the needy society made him signified what he is today as he earned the respect by handling Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Morning Program and maintained his economic status with around net worth of $1.6 million. Other interesting events of sam champion can be obtained from social sites and can also connect with his daily activites following him in twitter @SamChampion or on official website