Sade Baderinwa is a widely known media figure. She has made a marvelous contribution to the media sector for which she is honored with the prestigious Emmy award. The 44 years old journalist has truly made an illustrious reputation. Aside from being successful journalist Baderinwa also believes in voluntary promotion of social welfare, advancement in every individual personality.

Baderinwa was born in 14th April 1969 in Baltimore, USA. Her father  and mother were entirely from different background. Her father  is Nigerian originated whereas her mother is German. Baderinwa parent’s marriage did not last for a long time, soon it came to an end. Towards the end of her parent marriage she was adopted by Edie House, who brought up her. To receive her higher education she was admitted to the University of Maryland College park from where she graduated. Initially she had an interest to commence her career in international business but later quest for being a successful journalist after working for the ABC News channel.

Baderinwa commenced her Television career as an assistant producer for the ABC News channel. While working as an assistant producer, Baderinwa had contributed in numerous television shows like This week with David Brinkly, World News Tonight, Nightline.  That was beginning of her career but she really did a fabulous job. Afterward Baderinwa started working as a trainee reporter for WUSA-TV which is situated in Washington DC. She began to anchor for WBAL-TV  in 2003  where she served for nearly three years.  In 2003 Roz Abrams departed from WABC and was assigned time slot of 5 P.M and 11 P.M at WCBS TV. Baderinwa eventually filled in place of Roz Abrams.  Currently  she jointly hosts Eyewitness News. She is assigned a time slot of 5 P.M and 11 P.M where she presents a weekly edition of Eyewitness News along with Diana Williams and Bill Ritter.  Prior to that Baderinwa used to be the News broadcaster at the noon.

On July 23, 2004 Baderinwa went through the very dreadful accident, something very unexpected event happened in her life. While she was busy in preparing reports of flooding all at once she was struck by a car. There was a horror-struck scene later the driver was in police custody for inquiry. What happened in Baderinwa life shows that certainly we are always surrounded by big uncertainty in our life. The incident was really a nightmare in her life. She had to spend months in hospital going through multiple surgery and it took a long time for recuperating from injury. As soon as she recuperated from her injury,  on July 13, 2004 Baderinwa again came back to Eyewitness News . As a news reporter Sade has covered many vital events occurring all across the globe. She presented major  breaking news- international political issue, domestic  news. On October 27, 2006 Baderinwa appeared as a guest co-host of “The View”.  Again in May 2011, Liz Cho left time slot of 11 P.M news with Bill Ritter and assigned 4 P.M news cast. Eventually Baderinwa filled in place and started to jointly host news along with Bill Ritter.

Apart from being a successful journalist Baderinwa is a great humanitarian who believes is philanthropy. Baderinwa has contributed to many social organizations. Lately she is aiming to launch the program Getting Reel. The primary objectives of the program are to nurture the overall development of backward and indigenous students of New York city. The program will give an opportunity to students to involve in technical as well as artistic field. Students will be guided and supervised by very experienced professionals. They will chance to know how things take place in the real world working environment.

Despite of such wonderful career Sade could not detach herself from the scandal and hoaxes. There was a scandal about her boyfriend Martin J. O Malley who was married and later she became pregnant. Her pregnancy news spread like an internet virus. It is also said that Martin’s wife had plotted Sade’s car accident. Formerly though Sade Baderinwa was having affair  with a married person but still now she is unmarried and she don’t have husband. Even there is no assumption that sade baderinwa has any boyfriend. Her annual salary is estimated to be 362,560 dollars. Although she is single but still she is living happy and prosperous life.