Sabrina Fein is a lady meteorologist and currently she is working for San Diego 6 News. The gorgeous Sabrina is one of the sexiest and hot TV personalities having sexy measurements in perfect height and weight. She has stunning appearance in bikini outfit. By age she is 26 years old but still her exact date of birth is not available anywhere till the date. As for her bio apart from wiki and other sites she is a married woman and was pregnant few time back. She and her husband are sharing happiness of life together till the end.

The gorgeous lady meteorologist, Sabrina Fein holds an American nationality. She started her career at mid 90s and still seen working hard for her career build up. she had great passion towards weather reporting since the early age and as for result she ended up being one of the most eligible lady weather reporter of current time. She has great command over her ability due to which she is successful in developing her career at rapid speed. One of the most remarkable achievement of her reporting career is, she had reported live event of 1992’s Hurricane Andrew. She has completed her graduation from University of Miami majoring in Meteorology.

As soon as her graduation completed she leaped towards the destiny for which she had been planning for the long time. She started working in Sringfield, MO and Lubock, TX at Tornado Alley. Very ambitious by nature, Sabrina went to Sunshine State looking for jobs. During her search she was constantly working on her skill, and trying her best to stand indifferent among many meteorologists. At the current time she has turned out to be most professional and qualified lady weather reporter. All these years staying with the network, she has been making quite enough salary and is getting paid with a worthy value from the network without any complaining upon her qualification.

Her personal biography says she is a married woman. But her deep profile hasn’t surfaced in quite explicable manner. There are many more to know about her including her birth date. Till now even her exact birth date is no available by any source so her exact age cannot be concluded on own. Nevertheless it is stated that despite of her busy life she often gives her precious time to her family. She is very close and caring towards her loved ones and loves their company. She never let any moment go in vain while spending time with her family and celebrates each and every moment with them. The couple is blessed with a baby girl till now and in such a way their family is in complete form.

Sabrina is definitely one of the attractive lady meteorologists of current time. She is considered to be sexy and hot by her personality profile. Till now she has impressed the world with her glamorous look even after she got pregnant. She dresses sincerely according to the upright proceedings. She seems full confident on her personality in such a way that she never hesitates to reveal her curvaceous body with elegant legs and feet. Her over all personality is quite distracting the attention of viewers from the daily news.

Till the date she has done quite a few aid works along her career span. She has been contributing as a team leader and volunteers for the events and organizations like Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Delta Phi Epsilon, Big Brother Big Sister and the make the wish Foundation.

Apart from her bio presented in wiki, further details can be found in her personal sites. Her fans and admires can be in touch with her via several social sites by following her at Facebook, twitter and micro blogging sites.