Sabina Gadecki is an American actress and model by her major profession, which she has been carrying with intensive care till now. She has modeled for the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue, Oil of Olay, and Jimmy Choo. At present, she has wrapped on the feature film Adaptation of an Elmore Leonard Novel. She is better known for her films, Freaky Deaky (2012), The Superagent (2009) and Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs (2014). Till the date her exact life events has not yet mentioned in any site even including Wikipedia.

Sabina was born on September 28, 1983 in Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA. Her first language was Polish. She hadn’t started to speak English until reaching Kindergarten. She spent her childhood at same place and attended Holyoke Community College for two years. After earning her associate's degree, she moved to New York City and there she was accepted to Fordham University, where she majored in international business and communications. She was two classes short of graduating when she made the decision to leave school in order to accept more modeling jobs, but eventually returned to Fordham to get her degree. At the time she was persuading her degree at Fordham University, she also worked in modeling and acting in New York. At the time of her double side career, she gained notoriety as the host of The World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel and later she went on to sign with Ford Models. Till the date she has modeled for the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue, Oil of Olay and Jimmy Choo. She has also played some fun characters on TV for shows such like Law& Order, White Collar, the Shomtime series House of Lies and also The League for FX.

She had a dream to be a star from an early age, but had never dreamed that she would be the hostess of the World Poker Tour. As an inspiring actress, she has taken dance lessons throughout her childhood. She was also a cheerleader in high school. Addition to her ability, she was a strong competitor in pageants and was crowned Miss Polonia World and Miss Western Massachusetts in 2002. At the age of 18, she had worked as a cocktail waitress and bartender in a night club. At the mean time, she was studying theatre and communications at Holyoke Community College. To her acting line, Gadecki has also worked as a model, appearing in Seventeen, Redbook, and Premier.

Turning back to her personality profile, she has an outstanding personality as a model. Her attitude as an actress has no measure with other actresses of present time. Her charming face and innocent look has always gained huge attention from her audience. At present time, her profile search scale has been on high level. Beside that her photos and images are available in entire internet sites. She has been on the top level of appreciation for her work as a model. Her slender body language and height of attitude as a model is the matter of positive aspect to be in such top level. Her flawless body and charming facial expression is always collecting followers on every succeeding day in her journey of being a model.

Now, turning to her social media linkage, she has been connected to many networking sites. As a model, feedbacks from her fans and followers she always welcomes their feedback with greater consideration. Till the date any information has not been disclosed in satisfactory scale. Hence her fans and followers can get in touch with her and know her in full detail form. In other sense, it can be one of the easiest ways to know her in personal. As the way she has been updating her daily life events, it is one of the precious matter about her fans and followers to know about her life.