Sabina Classen is a German thrash metal singer. In the present time, she has been famous as a lead vocalist of Holy Moses and Temple of the Absurd. Sabina is one of the rising stars of music field. She is known as one of the first women to use a death growl. She is counted among those celebrities who have set their mind to be something on field which they have chosen from early time. Till the date any particular site has not yet disclosed detailed information about her in well explicable form. Even Wikipedia holds very little information about her, the reason behind it can be any personal reason.

Talking about her previous life, Sabina Classen was born on December 27, 1963 in Aachen, Germany with her birth name of Sabina Hirtz. Sabina Classen is stage name chosen by her to be known in music field. For her academic background, she hasn’t made any statement about it in public.

But it is said that as soon as she finished her study, she landed in music field to make herself known among other well known singers. She had joined Holy Moses in 1981, where her husband Andy Classen used to be guitarist. In 1988, it was moderated the Heavy Metal television program Mosh. But sadly in 1994, Holy Moses faced huge break, due to which she formed the band Temple of Absurd. The band was released two albums and was disbanded in 2000. Eventually in same year Holy Moses was reformed and it has been functional till the end. Due to her music passion, she has been known as the first women to use a death growl in entire music field. Till the end, she has been sung in many songs which are all time favorite for her listeners, among those songs, Queen of Siam, Finished with the dogs, The New Machine of Lichtenstein, World Choas, Terminal Terror, Reborn Dogs, No Matter What’s the Cause, Master of Disaster, Disorder of the Order, Strength Power Will Passion, Agony of Death are her best songs ever.

Now turning back to her personal life details, she is 50 years old by age at present time. Sabina is a married woman, but there is no specification on her marriage relation on any media. Her relation with her husband is still unclear. It has been stated that Andy Classen used to be her husband for some time but when they got married and when they decided to leave eachother is still confusing.  Although her exact body measurement has not yet listed in any particular site till the date. But taking her images in account, it can be easily concluded that she has magnificent body and personality. She belongs to white ethnicity and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. German nationality holder Sabina has perfect fluency in German language. Her hair color is Blonde and her eye color is Green. In short she has been perfect as a singer on the stage. Apart from her personality, she also has marvelous vocal. Her vocal ability has already gathered huge mass of listeners till the date.

She has not yet shown any linkage with any social sites to be in touch with her fans and followers. As a result her fans and followers has to wait for little longer to know about in personal. As there are not much information about her, so her fans has to wait till she makes any personal statement on public. Till the date her fans and followers have been waiting to know her clearly, but due to her shyness on the matter of sharing her personal details in public, they are still looking forward to know her. Though her fans and followers are increasing every day, she is still working real hard to please them with her vocal power.